BetaEasy - Customer Feedback & Beta Management Service

BetaEasy is an online service that simplifies beta stage and customers feedback management

BetaEasy is an online service developed to make beta stage of any software/web application easier. Create your own community and collect all users’ feedback on it. There is no need for users to go to external Bug Trackers or forums. Manage your customers’ ideas or bug reports absolutely effortlessly BetaEasy offers you a wide range of tools.


Your customers can send a feature or bug report on a public forum of your project and other users can vote for it. Analyze the voting and you will know what report has a higher priority and needs to be fixed first.


To inform your users that a desired feature was added or noticed bug was fixed put the ‘DONE’ status on the entry. Be certain your customers will appreciate you cooperate with them.

Users Export

Powerful feature that allows you to take all information about your BetaEasy project users and save it in .CSV file. You can download it and you will always be sure that you can reach the list of your customers even if you need somebody’s email but there is no access to internet.

Using BetaEasy you will involve your customers in your constant software or web app improvement, and you will see that your business is getting more and more successful. Try Free Demo to know how it works.

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