What is Skype Mass Dialer

Skype Mass Dialer by MagneticOne is a software that allows you to call number of people over Skype service all over the world at minimal rates – starting at $0.02/m!

Whether you need to call 10 friends, 100 colleagues, 500 church members, or 10 000 potential customers, use Skype Mass Dialer to get your message out quickly.

Investments proposal

Product is 50 – 60% finished. We do have working demo already inhouse. We need like $5 000 – 6 000 to finish it, and around 2-3 months time. Investor will receive part of the profits from product sales. Please contact us in case you are interested in such investment.

Skype Mass Dialer usage ideas

  • contacting customers about your products and service
  • notifying friends or colleagues about meeting
  • generating sales leads
  • telemarketing
  • community announcements
  • fund raising
  • political campaigns

and more


You don’t need to buy any equipment or add any phone lines, and you don’t have to order costy service!

Just import a file of phone numbers, and you can send your message, in your own voice, anytime.

That’s how easy to use Skype Mass Dialer!

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