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Are you hesitating whether migration from osCommerce to OpenCart can be effortless?

Cart2Cart service offers an opportunity to perform a switch from osCommerce to OpenCart in a few steps. Having a number of benefits, it can boast of an automated and accurate data move which takes not much time. There is no difference if you are a programmer or not, migration will not be hard to perform. Also, it is recommended to complete Demo Migration that allows to check the work of service and charges no money for that.

What Data Is Migrated

Products, product images, product attributes
Categories, category images
Customers, customer shipping address, customer billing address
Orders, order statuses, order products
Additional: currencies, manufacturers, manufacturer images, taxes
Additional Options
Clear current data on Target Store before Migration
Migrate categories and products SEO URLs (+$59)
Preserve order IDs on Target Store (+$49)
Preserve product IDs on Target Store (+$39)
Skip product thumbnail images migration
Strip HTML from category and product names, descriptions
Transfer images in product descriptions to your Target Store (+$49)

An approximate duration and the price of switch you can calculate online with Migration Estimator. Just pick osCommerce and OpenCart from a given list and then insert an exact quantity of data you decided to move: products, orders, customers.

  • When the transfer process is running, osCommerce shop will be uptime.
  • Dedicated server is given for the migration.
  • Cart2Cart has done more than 11 000 migrations since 2009.

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