Magento to OpenCart Migration Service


Do you feel ready to move from your Magento to OpenCart?

Cart2Cart is a hand of help for those who made such decision and want an automated and accurate data transfer. Non-technicians can be sure that migration won’t be a trouble for them. Actually, free Demo Migration appears to be a possibility for examining the work of service and its functions. After that you can confidently make a step to your OpenCart shop.

What Data Migrated

Products, product images, product extra fields, product attributes
Categories, category images
Customers, customer shipping address, customer billing address
Orders, order statuses, order products
Additional: currencies, manufacturers, taxes
Additional Options
Clear current data on Target Store before Migration
Migrate categories and products SEO URLs (+$59)
Preserve order IDs on Target Store (+$49)
Preserve product IDs on Target Store (+$39)
Skip product thumbnail images migration
Strip HTML from category and product names, descriptions
Transfer images in product descriptions to your Target Store (+$49)

How Much It Costs?

Migration Estimator is an online tool which allows you to calculate the price of switching from Magento to OpenCart platform. Choose the solutions from drop-down list you move from-to and then write down a number of all items you wish to transfer. Be sure that price will be reasonable and affordable.

Calculate Your Migration Price

How It Works?

How Cart2Cart Works

Is it Reliable? Yes!

  • Magento store will not be downtimed, while migration is in the progress.
  • There is a separate dedicated server, which you get for the migration.
  • A number of successful migrations is already over 11 000 since the time of Cart2Cart launch.
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