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MagneticOne Partner Program

Get extra income as MagneticOne Partner or Affiliate and empower your business!

We are concerned  that establishing long-term relationships with power affiliates and resellers will lead to the mutual benefit and help  both businesses (no Possessive case) become outstanding in the industry.

What are the Benefits of Becoming our Partner?

  • exclusive up to 40% discount
  • assigned Partner Manager
  • no investments in marketing or software maintenance
  • 24/7 online-support
  • minimum requirements to sign up as a Partner
  • a respectable company with over 12 years on the market

Cart2Cart Partner Program

Cart2Cart, an automated shopping cart migration service, is one of MagneticOne most popular products with over 4 years experience of successful e-store migrations and thousands of satisfied clients. The key advantage of this tool is that it has no direct competitors around the world as it is totally unique.

Cart2Cart Affiliate

Who is it good for?

If you own a website or run a blog that gets lots of visitors, you can easily make money without putting in much efforts by signing up as Cart2Cart Affiliate.

What’s the deal?

Simply expose the information about Cart2Cart on your site and receive 20% 2-tier affiliate commission from each migration by your reference.

Cart2Cart Partner

Who will benefit? 

This offer is best for web development and design agencies, freelancers or other businesses providing shopping cart setup and management services.

What’s the deal?

As Cart2Cart Partner, you receive a personal discount for migrations and can expand your services range with migration to any shopping cart. Click here to learn more about Cart2Cart Partnership Opportunities

CMS2CMS Partner Program

CMS2CMS, automated migration service, is the one-of its kind tool for website data transfer between CMS or forum platforms. With 20+ most popular platforms supported, it constantly develops and introduces new options and opportunities to provide the most robust experience to each client.

CMS2CMS Partner

Who is it good for?
If you’re a web agency, hosting company, CMS or forum platform vendor or freelance specialist who provides website creation, design and maintenance services, you will benefit most from this program.
What’s the deal?
Becoming CMS2CMS Partner, you can extend your services range and offer website migration to your clients. It includes a generous compensation from 5% up to 30% off website migration, which grows on a case-by-case basis. CMS2CMS does the job. You get paid.

CMS2CMS Affiliate

who will benefit?

You’re a successful blogger or site owner with lots of subscribers and followers? Make extra income out of this by joining CMS2CMS Affiliate Program!

What’s the deal?

Just refer your visitors to CMS2CMS website – and get 20% 2-tier commission out of each migration they perform.


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