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Strategic Partners

Shopzilla enables shoppers to quickly and easily find, compare, and buy anything, sold by virtually anyone, anywhere. Each month, Shopzilla sends millions of buyers to its merchant partners. Our Merchant Listings program is simply the most cost effective way for a merchant to find buyers for its products. Submit your product listings, and Shopzilla will link buyers directly to your checkout page. You control the amount you’re willing to spend for qualified traffic. There are no set up fees, you pay only for clicks directed to your store.


Amazon Payments offers a set of payment and checkout solutions that enables tens of millions of Amazon customers to complete purchases on your website using the same information in their account.


ChronoPay has built its proprietary transaction processing and client administrative software and systems to offer innovation, with added emphasis on reliability and stability. This commitment is also reflected in our internal resources and support infrastructure. All developed with the primary objective of providing the highest level of service possible to both our Clients and Customers.


Forecasting add-ons for eCommerce, accounting, ERP software (20+ apps supported). The forecasting technology is based on hosted collaborative algorithms. Lokad provides sales or demand forecasts, inventory planning or staff scheduling.


Begun is a Russian pay-per-click contextual advertising service with the auction pricing. It is distributing ads between thousands partner sites. Begun clients pay only for a result: potential customer site visit, informing interested audience or calls to your office.


eMagicOne offers e-commerce solutions that are designed specially for those merchants who value their time and work. The company provides the most effective and fastest ways of managing your online store, which is an integral part of your daily work. The most known eMagicOne solutions are desktop applications – Store Managers and their addons. They extremely extend the functionality of the software as it can be integrated with great variety of additional systems and distributional channels.

Business Partners


PrestaShop is a free open source e-commerce solution. It is a really modular and customizable, as well as technically than graphically. PrestaShop is available under the Open Software License and officially launched in August 2007, for businesses of all sizes. The software, which is based on the Smarty template engine, is used by more than 75,000 shops worldwide.


CS-Cart is the best shopping cart solution for building an e-commerce website of any size: from a small online store to a virtual mall. A ready storefront, many payment and shipping options support, full inventory control, unlimited number of products, tools for promotion, and other ecommerce software features out-of-the-box.


X-Cart is most often referred to as ‘shopping cart software’, but it is not merely a shopping cart. It is a powerful e-commerce system featuring web-based administration, a completely customizable front end, inventory tracking, shipping and taxes calculation, advanced website promotion tools, search engine optimization, multilanguage support and much more.


MobiCart is an easy way to start and manage your m-commerce store as a native or web app. MobiCart takes m-commerce to a new level of personalization as it enables anyone to quickly deploy a native storefront application on iOS and Android devices as well as HTML5. MobiCart combines a customized application development platform with an online ecosystem for sharing extensions.


Shopify is a hosted e-commerce solution that offers you to set up and run your own online store. Choose an ecommerce web-site template, list your products, accept credit card orders, and ship your products – all with a few clicks of the mouse. With Shopify it’s easy to sell online and there’s no software to download or maintain.

CRE Help

A fast growing company started by CRE Loaded professionals in late 2006 as a result of more than 3 years of freelance experience and serving hundreds of clients worldwide. CRE Help offers a variety of services; OSCommerce to CRE Loaded migration, custom functionality, template integrations and more.

CRE Loaded

CRE Loaded is the most powerful open source eCommerce solution available; it’s a complete web store in a single application.


Commerce Sciences

Commerce Sciences is a game changer in the E-Commerce Personalization industry. The Personal Bar™ is an e-commerce add-on, placed at the bottom of all pages of your store, and designed to help on-line stores to make the shopping experience more personal and intuitive. Setting up the Personal Bar takes only 2 minutes and no IT required.

Google Checkout

MagneticOne is official Google Checkout integrator, recognized by Google

QA Experts

QA Experts is an outsourcing software development company and independent testing service provider located in Ukraine. This company specializes in providing quality assurance and testing services for software development process, resources and support infrastructure. All developed with the primary objective of providing the highest level of service possible for both – their Clients and Customers.


From its foundation in 2003, focused on developing complex web and mobile projects, today LEZGRO has is company with more than 100 talented designers, professional developers, projects specialists, freelance teams and subcontractors with a proven history of collaboration. We establish fruitful and long-term collaborations with our clients in US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Europe and Asia.


Promodo is a Google Certified Agency Partner, organizer of multiple conferences and seminars related to internet marketing. A company with more than 80 Google certified experts in the fields of conversion rates optimization, search engine optimization and Pay Per Click advertising.
Promodo works with seed and a series of A round startups, retailers, small and medium size companies helping them promote their products and services online in North America and European markets.


Softcube’s product recommendation widgets increase sales by 15-20% for the same volume of site traffic. Product offers are shown to every customer based on site interaction data processed by Softcube’s sophisticated collaborative filtering technologies. Integration is seamless, requiring only a single line of javascript code. Get your free 30-day trial with the code word Cart2Cart and watch your sales climb before you ever pay a penny!

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