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As a founder of MagneticOne, Ruslan determines the overall direction of the company and, as  leading product architect, takes active part in designing and developing of the product line. A self-taught programmer, he started working with IT technologies at the age of ten. Prior to running a business of his own, Ruslan has been working for five years as outsourcing partner of several US enterprises. MagneticOne was established in 2001. Ruslan tries to focus on identifying and developing strategic opportunities that contribute to the company’s global competitiveness and ensure its position as a leading ecommerce solutions supplier, next to providing functional leadership to the businesses. Thanks to Ruslan’s high demands,  both to himself and to each employee seperately, MagneticOne has nowadays thousands of customers worldwide. Ruslan holds master’s degree in Computer Science (Institute of Computer and Information Technologies, Ternopil National Economic University, Ukraine).


Commercial Director

Since joining MagneticOne in 2004 Oleg has been primarily responsible for supervising company’s day-to-day web design activities and for making all decisions regarding graphic design. Oleg was in charge of the design and creative content of MagneticOne websites as well as graphic user interface of the software. Having begun his career as a front end web designer and content manager, Oleg gradually worked his way up to become Head of Support Department, Creative Director and finally Commercial Director of MagneticOne.


Head of HR Department.

Tetyana has joined our company in July 2011, and has begun to implement bright and fascinating office traditions right from the day one. Her life motto is “Work should bring satisfaction” and she considers giving every worker a chance to fully reveal potential to be MagneticOne’s ultimate mission. When people are comfortable doing their job, when they enter office doors feeling enthusiastic, their results are always the highest. Tetyana is grateful to the team for being so open, helpful and supportive! She believes in MagneticOne team and is sure that real success and new exciting challenges of the company are waiting ahead!


Head of Support Department

Olena has started her career path in the end of 2011, as MagneticOne’s Junior Support Manager. Due to her unwavering persistence, and enviable ability to learn fast, she got promoted to the position of Senior Support Manager. At this point, one of her primary duties is to lead a group of support managers, besides that she is responsible for providing direct support, dispelling misunderstandings and giving comprehensive answers to any questions our customers ask.


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