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Head of Support Department

Olena has started her career path in the end of 2011, as MagneticOne’s Junior Support Manager. Due to her unwavering persistence, and enviable ability to learn fast, she got promoted to the position of Senior Support Manager with no substantial efforts. At this point, one of her primary duties is to lead a small group of support managers, but besides that she is responsible for providing direct support, dispelling misunderstandings and giving comprehensive answers to any questions our customers ask.


Support Manager

Maryana joined our Support Team in June, 2012. Maryana shows really good results and her desire for knowledge helps her to learn quickly.
Currently, she provides the support of Cart2Cart users. Maryana’s approach and ability to identify client needs are an integral part of the growth and success of MagneticOne.


Support Manager

Lubov has taken the post of Junior Support Manager in May 2014. Now, she is responsible for several projects, namely CMS2CMS, MagneticOne Store, BetaEasy and Shopping Cart Diagnostics. Working in a tie with tech engineers and focusing primarily on correspondence with clients, she contributes a lot to handling all sorts customer’s requests.
Lubov is fond of her job, since her end purpose here is to make customers happy and satisfied. She finds a great joy working at MagneticOne, and it gives her motivation to constantly expand knowledge and master new skills.


Software engineer and Quality Assurance Officer

Roman is primarily responsible for resolving functionality problems and fixing technical issues concerning supported internet-solutions. Being a qualified software tester at MagneticOne, he ensures that everything functions on the highest level. In addition to the rest, Roman is skilful enough to eliminate all sorts of cumbersome technical problems. The experience of working at MagneticOne has helped him to become a more qualified software developer.


Junior Support Manager

Sergiy has become a Support Manager in 2013 and now he is responsible for MagneticOne Store, BetaEasy and Shopping Cart Diagnostics services. He possesses enough competence to provide a fast and comprehensive support for clients that use our innovative solutions. Sergiy enjoys an utter democracy that reigns in our company and finds it easy to approach any top manager to discuss important matters. At MagneticOne, we hold regular meetings, where managers share experience, conduct severe analysis of relevant issues and assist each other in increasing efficiency. Our company works for results, and each of its members clearly understands that.


Junior Support Manager

Andriy has started working as a Junior Support Manager at the beginning of 2015. Holding this position, he is not only responsible for communication with clients, but also for providing a qualified technical support. Andriy is always capable of quick evaluation of the circumstances and suggesting the most suitable solution for the customer. He believes, that a constant desire of professional improvement and aspiration to help clients are the two main elements of success for every worker.


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