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CRE Loaded Modules
CRE Loaded modules improve your store to take a great piece of work off your hands when extending the functionality of CRE Loaded. These addons are easy to install, simple to configure and 'no-maintenance'. Get modules for your CRE Loaded store now to boost your sales and save your time.
CRELoaded Services CRELoaded Services (15)
CRELoaded Services - commercial services for CRELoaded store owners
Support Service - Ultimate, Data Import Support Service - Basic, Data Import Support Service - Extended
CRE Loaded Addons CRE Loaded Addons (2)
CRE Loaded Addons - additional modules for CRE Loaded store
Shopping Cart Error Handler, Social Bookmarks Supercharged - CRE Loaded Module
CRE Loaded Data Feeds CRE Loaded Data Feeds (55)
CRE Loaded Data Feed Modules - creloaded modules to export product to CPC engines
CRE Loaded All-in-One Product Feeds, CRE Loaded 10-in-One Product Feeds, CRE Loaded 5-in-One Product Feeds
CRE Loaded Free Modules CRE Loaded Free Modules (1)

Free Shopping Cart Diagnostic Utility
CRE Loaded Payment Modules CRE Loaded Payment Modules (1)
Payment Modules for CRE Loaded-based store
CRE Loaded Google Checkout Level 2 payment module
CRE Loaded SEO Modules CRE Loaded SEO Modules (7)
CRE Loaded SEO Modules - creloaded modules for improved SEO results
CRE Loaded RSS Aggregator, CRE Loaded RSS Export, Power SEO URLs for CRE Loaded - CRE Loaded module
CRE Loaded Management CRE Loaded Management (13)
Effective store management for your CRE Loaded-based online store
Store Manager for CRE Loaded, Store Manager for CRE Loaded - Additional License, Mass Product Changer for CRE Loaded