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Goodbye, MagneticOne Store

Dear MagneticOne e-store customers,

We are sorry to inform you that we are closing the MagneticOne online store.

Your customer licenses, however, will remain valid until the expiration date.

You can still get technical support for Store Manager products and help with product related issues by contacting eMagicOne Support

Sadness apart, our company is working on new projects to bring even more value to your e-Commerce businesses. For latest news and updates from MagneticOne, check our website or subscribe to our newsletter.

CRE Loaded Payment Modules
Payment Modules for CRE Loaded-based store that give your customers just what they want - an alternative. Make a move in the right direction - get a new payment option which your visitors will love.
CRE Loaded Google Checkout Level 2 payment module CRE Loaded Google Checkout Level 2 payment module Latest 4.6.14, Apr 15, 2013
CRE Loaded Google Checkout Level 2 payment module is designed to be used with CRE Loaded and Google Checkout Payment system. This is COMPLETE Google Checkout Level 2 integration. Apply now in 2 simple steps! Sign up for a... More Info

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