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We are more than glad to find data2crm in our web search, they help us a lot migrating all the info from our old CRM to the new one, despite some issues we found (which is totally normal in this kind of jobs) they were supporting us until work was completed successfully, thanks a lot guys!!!
Alejandro Migliora 
Just would like to say a big thank you for customising our POS. The system has saved us time and money. Highly recommended!
First of all, I've been online since 1995 and have probably only written one or two testimonials in all that time. I feel that if a product does what it's supposed to do then it doesn't need a testimonial. I must say though, that I was so impressed with how easy and how well the Google Base Data Feed from MagneticOne works I didn't hesitate to give them the kudos they deserve. Having used one from another company for several years with my ZenCart, I was hesitant to change but I kept hearing how good MagneticOne was I finally decided to try it and I haven't been the least bit disappointed. Great product, great company.
MagneticOne Performance for zen cart really improved our site speed! This company has an excellent sustomer care service and technicians that helped us a lot with our totally customized zen cart! I am looking for their other products!
Theodore Chrysopoulos 
Excellent app for oscommerce. We are wholesale flowers of all United States. We are using your apps and they are very good.
The module worked fine, but my server host made me shut it down due to poor php coding which caused the server to crash. it is a shame, i really liked the way it cleaned up the site.
Thomas Sanders 
The MagneticOne Support was great at answering my questions and the installation team did a great job with install. The translation mod is working great. Rebecca M.
I love you people. You, your company, your website, your ninja scripts/whatever AMAZING!! You just saved my life/weekend/week/month. I will tell everyone in the industry about you guys. Thumbs way way up.. Cheers Nick
Nicholas Wanke
What used to take me weeks to add everything to my website, can now be done in mere hours. I have been using Store Manager for about a year and have to say it is the best investment I made. I would be lost without it.
I have only words of congratulations for the support provided from this company. I have been using a product purchased from them for 3 years. Recently I noticed a problem in the functionality of my site related directly to their software. I placed immediately a ticket and I decided to mark it with extreme urgency due to the damage it costed my site. As always, they reacted in top time and gave me the solution I needed in a extremely elegant manner: I gave them access to the files and they delivered in one day the solution, complete, as requested, free of charge. Therefore I highly recommend this company. You buy not only an e-solution, but you also buy the assurance that if you turn back you will find someone there for you more active as the persons who are trying to sell you the initial product.
The osCommerce Point of Sale works excellent for my church. This allows us to sell online and in church whilst keeping one database. Great for keeping track of all orders.
Very good product as all other products I purchased. I'm very happy to use it, since it makes my job very easy. Thank you.
MagneticOne's Amazon Export Feed is a reliable product that works. Their installation service is definitely very good.
This software is real booster for our productivity, we divided by 2 the amount of time need to upload our products!
Modifications in the category and the introduction of product images in this program solves many problems, increases speed and management becomes a useful tool.
Frederic Bru 
We tried MagneticOne's store manager program and found it invaluable in quickly updating our store. We soon purchased a few additional add-ons. This software is essential for any store owner
MagneticOne offers outstanding support, and their product (Store Manager for Magento) is an excellent tool for managing our Magento store with ease.
Jan-Christoph Gack 
Excellent support - we had an installation problem and they accessed our server and resolved this issue within 24 hours. The Magnetic One support ethos is really good and I can highly recommend their products.
We recently purchased the eBay Integration for Zen Cart to improve the efficiency of moving our products to our eBay store. This is by far one of our best investment. It's unbelievable that we've gone this long using Magnetic One products without giving this one a trial. Although, we wish we would have started using this sooner, we are nonetheless happen to find this. Thanks for a great mod.
We've been working with MagneticOne since 2010 on few of our websites & projects. Their level of expertise is unsurpassed! One would mistakenly think since the company is based in Ukraine it would take a longer time for response but let me assure you that during our 3 years relationship every single issue was responded it less than a day typically 8-12 hours! I can confidentially tell you that there are no other here in US to deliver the service with the lightning speed MagneticOne does! and each time you talk to one of the rep,you feel you're part of the family! TWO THUMBS UP! MAGNETIC1 ROCKS! Thank you for great work
These products are the most adequate compliments for our web site developments. I have to say that these people are always rolling and bringing new functionality.
The program makes Prestashop a lot easier to do. You can update, search, add, etc. , a lot of products in less than 10 minutes. The program and the technical support is of excellent quality. I have no regrets in buying this program. There's a lot to do and a lot to learn from it.
We have been working with OSCommerce for the last few years with few different companies and some freelancers as well, some of them were alright and some of them were completely useless. When we first come across MagneticOne we have decided to have a go with them and you know what – this was one of the best decisions we have made. If comes to OSCommerce, The MagneticOne Team has a lot of experience and the customer service is always there for you. They not only have the knowledge but they can deliver too! Highly recommended! Well done Team.
Pawel Szewczyk 
perfect software, easy to use
The best feature we like is the ability to upload 1000's of products without having to break the CSV feed file into smaller chunks. In the past, we had to break the file into smaller chunks (around 150 products per file). It would take over 1hr to upload 1000 products. With Store Manager, we can upload literally 1000s of products in less than 5 minutes. Can't get any better. I wanted to also add that not only is Store Manager for Prestashop a very well thought out, well built product but the customer support that goes with it is just as good. Very prompt, knowledgeable staff respond on time and go the extra mile to resolve your issues.
MagneticOne doesnt have just perfect modules, but also excellent professional customer service. Thank you very much for all!!! :-)
Since using Store Manager for CRE Loaded i have been able to do more for my business by saving a lot of time and effort. I used to spend many hours in a week updating products/pricing, and that has cut that way down. Now I can concentrate on the business rather than doing tedious work. The support is also excellent, whenever i needed help in something they helped solve my problem in a quick courteous manner.
Fast responsive customer support! They always respond and act in a professional manner! I highly recommend them as partner in any e-commerce project. I will certainly hire them again!
Johan Kuikka 
We are specialiazed in toner for Dell and Konica Minolta. The MagneticOne Performance software helped us to increase the speed of our pages, which resulted in an increase of the conversion rate. Thank you Magnetic One.
We use Store Manager for Zen Cart to help manage our clients two web sites with over 6000 products in each. It is by far the quickest method for uploading new and maintaining existing products. We also provided the product direct to our clients so they could manage the day to day administration of the sites themselves. This proved to be much easier for them rather than use the traditional Zen Cart back end. This is truly brilliant software!
Ben Fenwick 
Great Software. Great Support. It just works......
It is an excellent product, quite unique. It got what you need to manage an online Magento Store. Kind Regards
Kashif Hussain 
Lay-out is very easy to use overall it's very good inventory software. Aad den Heijer
Aad den Heijer 
Store Manager for Magento is a fantastic program. It's intuitive and easy to use interface makes managing my store a breeze. A must for all store owners.
Great piece of software. If you value your time, its well worth the investment!
A must have if you are running a magento shop, saves tons of work and time.
Ernst Dambrink 
Buy this. Why Magento does not have this as standard is beyond stupid. This product does it all
I manage several client Magento stores and this software has saved me countless hours of work. Unconditionally recommended!
Nous utilisons Store manager pour les modifications de notre boutique de vente de mobilier pour bébé, celle-ci tourne sous Presta Shop. Énorme gain de temps. Interface simple. Je recommande
My name is Thomas Ojo, I am a web developer from Ireland. When I was looking for solution that will help me in moving products from my supplies website, I search on Google and came across MagneticOne - Zen Cart Manager, since I bought the software, I am always wanted to work with it. it was a wonderful product, well thought by the MagneticOne team. Buying a product is one thing, support is another thing, not only the product the support team are just wonderful. They made life easier for me in executing my project. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone. You can have a look at the website here -
Excellent product. Works extremely well and saves us a lot of time managing our store. The best tool / add on we ever bought for Magento.
Store manager est un très bon produit. Il est soutenu par un très bon service après vente, rapide et efficasse. Merci à Gergyi
Christian GRADOS 
Great service, fast installation provided. Made the whole process of submitting feed to google quick and painless. Many thanks.
I did tons of question and Maria answer all of them having full knowledge of the products. Excellent software your company is offering to people like me, that they are using Zencart. I have more than 65.000 items in my website and the Store Manager resolve everything extremely fast. Congratulations!
Rafael Jarauta 
One of the best, if not the best, addon for Prestashop management. Luis Leitão
Luis Leitão 
I bought the Google Feed for Zen Cart from Mag 1 plus installation. All went very smoothly and the feed works superbly. Charlie
this is the first time I am writing a testimonial to share my experience of buying a online product. this team is excellent especially Ira Kobuljanska. She helped me to solve the problems of installing the product and adjusting it until it is 100% working well on our website, I recommand you buy the x-cart and other brand of online products from this website since their team workers are very responsible!!
wanting pan 
We use Magneticone for around a dozen Zen Cart applications. Our customers find it easy to use and we find it the most efficient and quickest way of maintaining our clients sites. Ben Fenwick
Ben Fenwick 
We've been using MagneticOne products since 2007. We recently downloaded a trial version of some of the Zen Cart data feeds and we were really impressed with the ease of installation and functionality. We have since purchased a license for the Zen Cart All-in-One Product Feeds. MagneticOne customer support is excellent and it's always good to know that they stand behind their products. Keep up the great work!
Magnetic One provided me with the ability to export large quanaties of products to Amazon, very quickly. This would have taken a long time manually. Leon Thompson
Hands down MagneticOne offers great products and my company values your exceptional services. Thank you for giving us your prompt attention when we need it. I HIGHLY recommend this company.
Very much appreciate for your job to help me solve the problem!!!
Magnetic One has saved us tons of hours as our admin panel was horrible. We were able to upload data, pricing, edit orders, place orders, etc. with little effort. Highly recommend it. Support is European time so we can only communicate first thing in the morning when we have questions or trouble which is not ideal, but so far so good.
Store Manager with IceCAT saves so much our time when adding products information to our database. :)
Antti Taskinen 
MagneticOne Zen Cart modules are excellent. Their service and installation are first rate and their support staff are very helpful. I highly recommend anyone wanting to expand the usability of their Zen Cart to try their modules. Home Discount Store
The Customer service at magneticone is outstanding, have addressed any issues I have add quickly and with genuine concern
Home Lighting Store Uk 
I am sure you have heard this in the past, but the MageneticOne Store Manager, Great job. We manage large quantity of product data and I can not stress how much easier this application has helped us in our day to day operations.
David Raymond 
I have used Storemanager for Prestashop to manage my Shop, much quicker and easier than the regular backend, once you 've used this product you never want to go back to editing and maintaining products from there.
Ferry Kreileman 
A great addition to our toolset. Store Manager has enabled us to increase productivity for managing products.
Excellent products! Excellent technical support and quick response!
Volodymyr Demyanov....I cannot thank you enough for your help!! I will be making my best to sell your application to any client that needs a shopping cart!! Thank you again!!
Support from all Magnetic One staff has been outstanding. The products perform as advertised.
I now recently had a couple of times the great support from Volodymyr. I cannot say anything else then that his upport is very satisfactory, very great!
Many thanks, I am already working with store manager and my prestashop online shop!
The MagneticOne Support Staff is very professional, available and fast. It is a real pleasure to be a client of a such team. Thank you
Brill Service thanks guys :0)
The CRE Loaded Performance module solved a serious problem we were having with the speed of our bloated website. Within a few days the difference in speed was astounding. Great product. Thank you Magnetic One.
We only have a small website, but we've found using the Store Manager invaluable over X-Cart's own admin system. We recently had a shake up of the categories; moving products around, creating new categories etc - using this software made short work of this compared to the laborious online X-Cart version!
I bought the X-cart translate module and it works like a dream, it looks so stylish with the little flags and all as opposed to just some grey drop down bar! Granted I needed help installing the product, their rates were quite cheap in my opinion and their speed was almost instant. All in all I am most satisfied with their performance, in the past I have dealt with more nasty 3-rd party programmers yet I assure you MagneticOne are very professional and honest with their services. =)
I have found the products on Magnetic one superior than other suppliers, particularly the xcart mods. The updates are critical and they seem to update regularly. Magnetic one is a great place to start for xcart mod development and installation service is a bonus. General Manager
I am using X-Cart Data feed software from MagneticOne. It was reasonably priced and quickly installed by MagneticOne. The Customer service support was excellent and the software works 100% without any problems. This is the way software companies should work.
We're using Prestashop-Manager since 1st quarter 2011 and we've noticed a significant improvement when it comes to product data process management, because the many options given to you in this software make your workflow, sincerely, faster and even more efficient. We're still pretty happy with this tool. Also the fact, that it is still compatible with older versions of prestashop especially, if you're using an older theme, customized for 1.3.7 lets you enjoy a bug-free working experience. I'm proud to say, that our shop has grown up with it. We've become more, than what we've paid for. Thanks, for supporting our start-up business with your software, MagneticOne.
Rene Odenthal 
Dear Sergiy, Many thanks for the demonstration today. We are very happy with the following: - No more problems with special characters such as accents in French - Nice and easy connection wizard. This will make it possible for our clients to install your program without our help - Images on existing products now seem to be working fine as well Overall, I am now comfortable fully recommending your product to our clients !
We recently had a bespoke oscommerce site built and soon realized that the url structure was not SEO friendly,having researched the addons available we found that Magneticone was way ahead of the competition with their Power SEO module. It was a pleasure to deal with them and their service is excellent. We will definitely be back for more oscommerce modules from them.
Excellent Software for running and operating a OSCommerce Shop cut down my posting time and has been a timesaver in most areas of use, way easier then the admin panel of OSC ... love it and Im a lifetime user now
Tx to Sergiy and his team. Very efficient people and Very good after sales service, and of course...very good good product. Store Manager allow me to saw huge amount of time. So once again, tx to do procuces like this.
Professional tool even for non professional users.
Chris Drakos 
We use several of the Magneticone products and they have become an integral part of our daily business. Installation has always been simple and their support should you require it is second to none. I would have no hesitation in recommending their software
D Webster, Managing Director 
Magneticone was awesome. I needed to implement their products onto my site, and when I had problems the technical support back was awesome, they even fixed my problems which I should have paid for support for, bur they fixes it anyway. I will use Magneticone again and again, and seriously can not fault their products or support.
This is a easy way to edit all the products on you website. Also the ability to update the amount and price changes is especially helpful. The third thing about this software is the ability to set a limit and make so the product will only show up with no way to buy when you are out of that product. Richard McCormick
Richard McCormick 
A 'Must have" software if you have as me over 40000 items to sell. The ebay addon is also a powerfull and very easy to use... My kid of 6 years could sell items on Ebay so easy it is... Customer Service is absolutly GREAT ! A nice and powerfull software. Olivier and soon
It is 6 years that I am using this software. I am using it every day. During these years I have never had a problem. Recommended for everyone that wants to start and operate a web shop.
Stefanos Iliadis 
Hello, thank you for great addon, i have tried some, but your is the one :)
This has been a great aid for Google Data feed. Made good of use of what is probably more wonderful---namely Power SEO URLs for Zen Cart - Zen Cart module. Still adding products to cart and then I will investigate the rest of the capabilities. Happy with what I have and I know I'll find things I have that I have not used. Thanks for the great installation and a fine product.
Not only are their solutions (MAGNETIC ONE)amazing and affordable for our business or any business fro that matter, but their customer service is IMPECCABLE. To get great quality service from a provider such as them is great and what keeps our business going consistently with new updates, etc. Thanks Magneticone.
great tool! saves me a lot of time generating the feeds. best value for getting all feed generator in one. also the tracking software is remarkable! shows which feeds generate sales. Great!!!
Thomas Customer 
Well in the beginning I was was Store Managers biggest critic, but due to the patience and persistance of Magneticone personnel it is now working a ok. There are still a few minor issues to sort out but the system is good and I would recommend it to anyone. It saves me Hours of work every day. I would also say that they do put themselves out to give you what you want. So a big Thankyou to all of them Norman
I purchased the Zen Cart Google Base Data Feed program so my data feed would match the new Google criteria for data feeds and am extremely happy with the program and its ability to automatically create my data feed. I had a couple of problems getting the feed installed myself and the support team at MagneticOne was great! They answered my questions very quickly and assisted in getting the program installed correctly on my site. This is a great program and I recommend it for anyone needing to submit a data feed to Google.
With MagneticOne Store Manager for Magento i saved a huge amount of time by being able to mass change a lot of products in a very easy and fast way - in a way the original store couldn't do! The possibility to change a attribute set is a very useful functionality we use a lot, too
Hello, thank you for the technical support! Good guys and very helpful Sahbi
The powerseo plugin has helped tremendously in improving our search engine rankings in google. The magneticone team helped us to install the plugin and ensured that it worked properly, even when we moved to a new host and had to reinstall zen cart, the magneticone team helped us again to make sure the plugin was installed properly and working. The support was very good and they responded very quickly and professionally. Rey
We have found Custom Data Feeds to be a complete solution for generating Custom Data Feeds. We were very surprised that this program works not only with Google Product Search, it has also been designed to generate Custom Feeds for just about every popular PPC imaginable. It is Fast and very well designed. This program makes creating Data Feeds easy. There are many tools built into the program, filters, modifiers and some very useful formatting tools. This program paid for itself the first time we used it. The feeds generated meet the most stringent data quality standards including Google's very strict standards now being enforced. Magnetic-One's customer support is very responsive. They are extremely knowledgeable of their product and have always offered help when needed. I highly recommend Custom Data Feeds to anyone who has never used data Feeds or to anyone now paying a service to generate feeds that you can easily create yourself.
The software and installation support I received from Magneticone is top notch and very friendly ad fast to respond to my queries. I recommend them to anyone set up a online sales website. Keenan Hopkins
Keenan Hopkins 
Just wanted to let you know that you guys are awesome! I ordered Store Manager yesterday and it basically saved my life! Thank you for being the best!!
MagneticOne Store Manager for Zen Cart works as advertised! I really love it when products do what they say they will do, and this one goes way beyond! If you have a Zen Cart store with more than a handful of products (we have over 50,000 SKUs) you have to get this software. It is more than worth the price. ~Webmaster
Best extension for Magento. M. Hatvani
M. Hatvani 
Prestashop Manager by MagneticOne is an awesome product and has some great features. Makes editing our sites much quicker and easier. Thanks MagneticOne Dan Streeter Nineplus
Magento, while very "user friendly" for consumers (and a new site with few products) is quite and undertaking for an established business with zillions of diverse products. We use MagOne for bulk product management and the team at MagOne to help us on a project-by-project basis for bulk DB mods. The DB on magento is very complex and MagOne helps enormously with imports, exports, and general maintenance. Thanks! Drew
Andrew Palenscar 
Magnetic One saves us hours and hours of time and the support is tremendous; we operate multiple stores and without Magnetic One that would not be possible. As I have said many times thanks MagneticOne!
Thank you very much for delivering this generous product. Although I had some troubles during download, probably because of my hardware, I am gladly looking forward to a great future using the Store Manager. You are doing the right thing!
This was easy to use, a friend who has a online funrniture store did it for me and even he couldn't believe how quick it was, he was spending hours putting feeds on different sites, would definetly use this software again.
simon Burkinshaw 
Excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE...This company really HELPS if any problems should arise. They really care about customer service and don't just try to blow anyone's problems off. This is a rare find in customer service these days in any organization. Good job...I support and always will support magneticone for my current and future business.
Thank you for such wonderful customer service. It is one of the main reasons that I decided to purchase your product.
MagneticOne software is really great, it saves me much time. Thanks!
Mark http://Reize 
We are using Store Manager for Prestashop and now the life is very very easy for us. We can make our business very fast. The online support is really helpful and very kind. They solve all of our problem one by one. Magneticone Team! We are happy to work with you. Thanks for this usefull software. You realy make it easier...
Using Store Manager for Magento makes my life easier! Updating prices and descriptions is a breeze. Thanks MagneticOne!
I am using X-Cart Data feed software from MagneticOne. It was reasonably priced and quickly installed by MagneticOne. The Customer service support was excellent and the software works 100% without any problems. This is the way software companies should work.
I'm using a handful of MagneticOne's plugins on our site, and I can't stress enough just how imperative it is to be using them! It makes our life so much easier to run our store. Their customer care is equally stupendous! Highly recommended.
Storemanager for Magento is a perfect solution for managing your Magento webshop. It works like a charm and there are many features which saves you a lots of hours of work if you have to do the same trough the Magento back-end. In the beginning I encountered some problems but there were quickly and professionally solved by the support team. Well done! So, keep up the good work :)
This softwear is a must have! So easy to use with helpful customer support managing and editing you items is a piece of cake! Thanks Mag magento
Milad Hosseini 
I purchased Store Manager to assist me with a major upgrade of the website. It has saved me untold hours in all the changes I made. I would highly recommend this program to any shop owner. I have also had excellent experience with the Magnetic One staff in answering any questions I had in a very timely and professional manner.
Volodymyr - I want to thank you for your help. After your explanation, purchasing the updated software made sense. I didn't want to just spend money on the update if the same problem was going to persist, but since you detailed to me what the issue was and why the updated version would work, it became clear. I upgraded my software and am now connected to the database once again. Thank You! Jonathan
MagneticOne has been a life saver allowing me to free-up lots of time and explore critical configuration aspects of my store that I would not have known how to begin accessing and configuring had it not been for M1 Store Manager. Thanks for making these tasks less time consuming and painless.
Excellent Software for running and operating a OSCommerce Shop cut down my posting time and has been a timesaver in most areas of use, way easier then the admin panel of OSC ... love it and Im a lifetime user now
Not only is MagneticOne's software helping us keep all products up to date easily, it is also giving us the time to focus on the important aspects of our business. We are Currently looking at getting more addons from them to improve our workflow even more. Can't imagine life without MagneticOne.
After using the trial for a while, I found it is way to easy to maintain my 7000+ product inventory with the Store Manager for ZenCart. WOW!!! Converting Pictures to be the correct size is such a time saver...moving products from one category to another with a simple drag & drop. WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT!!! I can't live without it now!!! :-)
We recently had a bespoke oscommerce site built and soon realized that the url structure was not SEO friendly,having researched the addons available we found that Magneticone was way ahead of the competition with their Power SEO module. It was a pleasure to deal with them and their service is excellent. We will definitely be back for more oscommerce modules from them.
I have found the products on Magnetic one superior than other suppliers, particularly the xcart mods. The updates are critical and they seem to update regularly. Magnetic one is a great place to start for xcart mod development and installation service is a bonus. General Manager
I use Store Manager to build up and maintain my products in the store. Its easy to update and configure products. The application is still very new, but I find that MagneticOne is very good to listen to suggestions for improvement and bugs, wich results in regularly updates to the application. Martin Jensen- Owner of Malike
Martin Jensen 
Great product and is super easy to use. Helped me tremendously with my supplement website! Highly recommend this product to store owners.
I purchased the Zen Cart module of Store Manager and although my site is not finised as yet the software has enabled me to save time and my site will be ready sooner. Excellent suppoert has been offered by the team along the way. I recommend purchasing this software and wish I had found it sooner.
Great product - wish it had a Purchase Ordering system built-in, then would be a complete solution control system. Well done so far.
I purchased all in one feed for my oscommerse site.It covers all the major shopping stores which you would probably like to list your items with.The software produces your data feed to suit the type of feed needed for a particular store.All you have to do is fill out a few details and press update an all your products are ready to to uploaded.Could not be easier.The product and the backing is true to its word. If you need data feed software this is the one for you. Love the software and love the people.Best Regards from Chris at PCGamer.....
I bought the Google base and the site map addons and I'm very happy with the product and the level of professionalism of handling the purchase, both products are now in use without any issues.
Magnetic One offer many great modules for your Ecommerce software, i have had many installed professional by them , my favorite is the URL module, it really contributes to your SEO.
Great software, it allows me to save a lot of time in Prestashop store management. Maybe still a little "young" product but I'm sure it'll be improved in the time - so let's give it a try and provide your evaluation / ideas of improvement to the dev team !
thanks for you job
Everything worked perfectly. Was installed quickly and correctly.
I strongly recommend using this company. Emails are answered in a timely manner and support is always there. Great and friendly people to do business with. Will always use them Regards
Chris from PCGamer 
I've been using the Shipping Integration add-on and it works great! We use it extensively in our business and it has saved us time and money to ship out items via USPS. Thanks to the MagneticOne team!
The main strength above all else with Magnetic One is their excellent customer service. The products so far are great, but if ever we have any problems they are on hand to resolve them for us, even if we lack the technical knowledge necessary to convey the problems fully. Good job guys, keep it up!
The purchased product works perfect and is over my initial expectations based on the web site presentation. The service is outstanding, better than some competitors have!
For a newbie in the ecommerce business and website development, MagneticOne's Staff(s) are very supportive.
Your support and customer service care is exeptional you guys go way beyond to help. Thank you again!
I bought the X-cart translate module and it works like a dream, it looks so stylish with the little flags and all as opposed to just some grey drop down bar! Granted I needed help installing the product, their rates were quite cheap in my opinion and their speed was almost instant. All in all I am most satisfied with their performance, in the past I have dealt with more nasty 3-rd party programmers yet I assure you MagneticOne are very professional and honest with their services. =)
Store manager is the best thing since sliced bread, for me anyway. In addition your support for this product was exceptional. Olesya, your manager was very helpful and believe me she deserves time off with pay. How about a week off with pay. She knows her stuff, and the store manager software very very well. We were up and running is short order. I am telling everyone I know about you guys. I would like to link you to my site in order to help you as well. My Best, Jeff
This software has cut my time in half of updating and adding new listings, the ease of working Meta Tags is the best part, not only do I use the Store Manager but I also use the Mass Product Changer & Automated Product Importer, in my option all great products use and offer the assistance that I needed.
MagneticOne Store Manager,speed up my posting time by 30% thank you
Very good product and great timesaver. It beats entering products through the default admin interface. Easy setup and installation and easy to learn how to use it. Overall a great business product to help manage your small business at a reasonable price.
The module works! I liked the costumer service! All are to be congratulated!
I'm completely satisfied with software. It's just perfect!!!
RDS Medical doo 
Excellent piece of kit. Has saved us a lot of time in updating our products...and any questions have been answered very quickly.
Don't waste your time with anyone else Store Manager and Automated Product Import is the way to go. It is nice not to have to deal with FTP, PHP and programming. So many company's trying to get you to pay to outrageous fees to add products to your site. I can't imagine doing it myself, being a small company. These products give me time to concentrate on other parts of the business. Excellent product.
Michelle Bradley 
Super fast customer service. Graet management tool. Simple to setup and work perfectly. Constant improvement is a huge advantage with free update/upgrade. Accepting suggestion to add necessary extras for upcoming updates is excellent customer service that hard to find! We are planning to buy few more products from them in the near future.
Ajith Hemantha 
We only have a small website, but we've found using the Store Manager invaluable over X-Cart's own admin system. We recently had a shake up of the categories; moving products around, creating new categories etc - using this software made short work of this compared to the laborious online X-Cart version!
I also wanted to say THANK YOU for your excellent support this year. Your customer service is some of the best I have ever experienced. You go above and beyond trying to solve your customers problems. This is appreciated very much and builds long term relationships.
The software is great! Very easy to use and update. I will be using it for my ecommerce website in a very near future. Besides, the customer service is EXCELLENT!! PJ
Well, well. Now this is really a huge toolbox. I purchased the Store Manager for ZenCart, still under the impression that it was not as wonderful and powerful as it really is, just to find out that it can even do more things that I could do by merely going to the admin panel of the store. Things are more organized and more understandable through Store Manager software. I was also amazed about the reports this software can generate. I am sincere when I say that the value of this software is many times its cost. A very, very happy customer here.
Richard Rodriguez 
I was recently referred to your website by a friend who has been raving about you for ages. Now that I've finally taken his advice and checked out your services - I think I owe him a beer! I'm looking forward to switching over to you in early 2011.
make a deal under x-cart. We have installed the newest version of x-cart and also the pro. MagneticOne update their module, modified it till it works, so great support earns kudos. Good job
henk nienhuis 
I've had an oscommerce website for over 3 years now, and have been maintaining it manually via the admin pages all that time. With a rush of changes to how we sell I knew that to update all the products listed would have involved the best part of a weeks tedious labour...However my website manager at Crystal Pyramid introduced me to oscommerce manager, demoed it to me and I was sold! Initially I purchased it just for the reporting... but when I discovered how much of the site management could be done via the product we revamped the entire shop structure - it was so quick to make the changes that it was possible to trial different ideas virtually instantly. What can I say... this is probably the biggest revolution in software I've experienced! Fantastic!
My friend urged me to have static URL's vs. the URL's that are generated with the default CRE Loaded module. I first used the SEO module in CRE Loaded but that didn't work. The Power SEO URL module offered by MagneticOne did the trick. It is a very effective module that is very easy to install and get running. I am already seeing the benefits of more traffic to my site and better indexed URL's from the search engine's. Not only is the module very effective but so is MagneticOne's technical support. They put a lot of effort and time to help me to get their Power SEO module working on a different site. Thank you MagneticOne!
I have to say this product is great! I have been trying to find a way that was cost effective to run my website from top to bottom. This software has it all. I can check orders quickly, notify my customers of the status of their orders with customized emails, get printed reports and records of how well my sales are going and loads more. When I got the demo version of this I was exited about it, trialled it for a month or so on a working website, and it did everything I needed and more. So i bought it, the best investment I have made to date I think. I now use it to run 3 websites, and I can keep track of everything very quickly and easy. Great work guys, you have made affordable what many others charge a fortune for. Excellent!
This is a great All in one solution for data feed, iam really happy with it and all the extra options and functions that comes with it, magneticone really makes usefull tools that can both save your time and make your work easier and more fun in a way.
Ali Barakat 
We've completely ignored x-cart's own admin system now in favour of the X-Cart Manager - because it syncs with the live database, it means we can update products instantly, and not worry about creating a duplicate version of the database. Removing the possibility of losing order records etc. The hierarchical format of displaying the categories and products is far easier to use than X-Cart's own. A great product.
We now have 5 modules from MagneticOne and they are all very powerful. The tools are much needed functionality to CRELoaded, make management easier and the service by MagnecticOne is fanstastic. We use the Store manager (invaluable), the PowerSEO, Export, Affiliate and the Sitemap, and they are all exceptional.
Pravin Raghvani 
MagneticOne team very supportive. Software intuitive interface is easy to use. It actually helped us to fixed the problems. Thanks Magneticone
The module works extremely. Excellent product and fantastic support.
The original download worked, but it would duplicate the manufactures_name value inside of Googles feed. I brought this to MagneticOne's attention and they did a rebuild of the extension. Afterwords, the feed looks perfect. This software is great, but the customer support is what stands out above all.
Joe Landis 
We are amazed by the way Magneticone has handle all projects. We have found quality and maximun respect for the time frames. The communication is impressive and the work is very professional. I'm very happy to work with all team and my wishing is to build a very strong relation with all team. I will finally highly recommend- it is not possible to find a better company! I love all my heart all Magneticone team!
Madli Palm 
We've been able to save a lot of time on product importing using your Magento Manager extension. With updating 1,000s of products, what used to take hours now only takes minutes!
I recommend this product for data feeding, I love it.
A really good product, it just saves so much time, worth every penny!
I am very happy with this product it has saved me hours of wasted time
Magnetic One Sales and Technical staff really know what " Customer Service " is all about. These guys not only set the bar but "are the bar" when it comes to assisting x-cart store owners. I have added several modules to improve the look and functionality of my online store. Response times have been quick and their technical expertise and assistance has been top notch. It makes running an online business not only more efficient but fun to do as well. It is without hesitation that I recommend Magnetic One to anyone looking for great products and value for their money !
This module is easy to use and works without issue. The only features that would improve it's ease of use would be to add the ability to feed a specific page as well as filter by category, and also for it to automatically include new manufacturers if "all manufacturers" are chosen from the setup. That notwithstanding, the module works just the way it's meant to. Excellent. I recommend it.
Pelican Ventures 
There's no doubt these guys definitely know what they're doing. Their products and support have been a critical factor in the success of our online business!
The Store Manager for Zen Cart is an essential tool for online stores that carry many products. The ability to easily upload and manage the images for over 2,000 products saves us many hours each week. Thanks for a great product.
I love the quick reply on emails, very helpful people. Although I am in Jamaica and there is big time difference, rest assure they will answer your email within 24hours. Great products. I would recommend your service and products any time. I also love the fact that you offer trail period on the products and if not satisfy you offer a extended time with no pressure to buy. Thank you very much
Great addon module, thanks.
Many thanks: The software store manager for Zen Cart is very good and simple to use.
Absolutely brilliant
David Easton 
I am a web developer and I have used a variety of mods from MagneticOne for OsCommerce, Zencart and CRELoaded. The mods are flexible enough with tons of options and yet pretty easy to use. Some mod like the data feed mods have quite a lot of options that could raise a lot of "how to" questions. Me being a developer, I would throw even more questions at the support team...the kind of questions a non-programmer wouldn't even think about. I must say M1's support is really awesome. The answers are to the point and pretty quick. I give them 10 out of 10. vj
I bought the Zen Cart survey package and MageticOne has been great to work with! The module works extremely well and their support team is VERY responsive to helping me with any issues or integration problems!
I was having trouble with my data feed but the customer service was extremely responsive and got everything cleared up quickly! Excellent product and fantastic support, highly recommended.
As an SEO expert, I have been wary in the past about having my clients keep ZenCart - but with Magneticone's plugins (specifically the SEO URLs, Advanced Sitemap, XML Sitemap + M1Export Tools) ZenCart is now comparable to top optimized cart solutions. The support I received when submitting a ticket was fast, direct and the fix was implemented with excellent followup. All this for an issue that wasn't even a problem with the tool, but more a customization i needed for a specific client, who is now top 10 for many high volume terms.
I first used Store Manager for x-cart which I wasn't really impressed with and then I switched my license to Store Manager for Magento. I must say it is really good product and makes life much easier for someone managing the Magento store. The guys at Magnetic One are doing wonderful job. Also I must say that the Magnetic One customer service is number one.
Gurvinder Singh 
It's one of the best products out there for zencart. I can post thousands of item to google base with no problems. Thank you MagneticOne
I have recently started using this software and have been amazed by the brilliant customer service offered by Magnetic One. The software is easy to use and the customer service is amazing. I have no qualms in referring magnetic one and its products to everyone.
thanks a lot i have a full working jewelry store thanks to your great solution.
fashion steel Jewelry 
Thank! I use many of your products and very satisfied.
must-have for any oscommerce driven e-store. It made possible express dispatching of parcels (via order export tool), also search tool is not to be overestimated. I recommend it. You got to have it.
We added MagneticOne's Google Base Data Feed to our services as we had little knowledge of googles technical requirements, the feed worked perfectly and required virtually no work on our side - as a result we have found our site has had huge improvements on our placing in google as well as an improvement in sales that come through google base. i would definately recommend the services, unless you happen to be in the same industry as myself of course!
We have been using Magneticone "All in one feeds" for the last 2 years and it has proved to be the best investment I have made for our company. Huge return on investment. The product is always updated on a regular basis. We have used many other of their products in the past as well - always professional and works as advertised. Recently, I had the pleasure of using another one of Magneticone's services. Their consulting expertise. While installing a new update, I messed up some other module installation (my fault). My backend shopping cart was inaccessible. I emailed 2 consultants and the support department for help. The Magneticone's support department was first to respond and within minutes they had FTPd to the server and fixed the problem. Well done and thanks for the great products and great support - you have a customer for life!
Michael Ginsberg 
I tried a couple of other SEO modules on my site and neither one really gave me what I wanted. The first one modifed the htaccess file in such a way that if I tried to do a redirect from one page to another, through the server (CPanel), it 'broke' the site completely. That one was a disaster. The second one worked much better, but used the Category and Product ID's on all url's, and this couldn't be changed. While the url's were better than without this SEO module, it still didn't look 'clean', especially if I wanted to refer someone to a specific page on the site. I wanted 'clean', simple url's, like I would have if I had a simple html website. This is a must if you use a url in any kind of advertising. You don't want to have to point someone to a landing page that has a long, complicated url. PowerSEO was the answer! It's absolutely great. After installing it, I can now go into the administration section and set up whatever I want for a url. For example, one page is simply It's simple and it works great. The developers at MagneticOne clearly know a LOT more about Zen-Cart and PHP programming as compared to some of the other so-called 'professional programmers' out there. I don't view PowerSEO as just an SEO module. It's allowed me to set up my website so that it's 'friendlier' for humans to navigate, by allowing me to customize the individual page url's to what I want them to look like. This is an absolute must if you're going to 'advertise' a specific landing page to your prospective customers. I couldn't be happier. John Rayfield, Jr.
John Rayfield, Jr. 
I shudder to think how long it would have taken to get my store up and running if it wasn't for Store Manager. I found the interface easy to work with, and look forward to getting updates in the future that provide even more functionality. For anyone considering the e-commerce thing, I recommend this software as an indispensable asset. Thanks Magnetic One!
Meredith Freeman 
Great Product! I am a really satisfied customer, traffic to my site has definitely increased!
I'm really happy with your products and your excellent support. Thank you
Excellent product. Saves many hours of inputing products the other way. Highly recommended and well worth the very inexpensive asking price.
I am so happy that I found your store manager for out store. We have over 14,000 items and when I first started working with the native web interface, it was a daunting task. This effort was made so much easier through the use of your product! We will be purchasing other add ons for our store in the immediate future. Thank you once again for a fantastic product and great, responsive service! Ken
Ken Lovett
A fantastic product, we now have the cleanest url's in town! Many thanks to you all.
Stewart Hersey 
Store Manager has provided me with the ultimate tool to bridge our online shopping with our internal procedures, we are now able to look after the online shop without having to spend all day loading and refreshing webpages. The team at MagneticOne have delivered us new integration opportunities that we hadn't thought practical to date.
Brian Arundell 
Outstanding effort. Hired them to handle some overflow work - Completed the job we needed within the ridiculous time frame we outlined. Ultimately finished it to our specifications and made our clients happy. Couldn't have asked for more - highly recommended - thanks guys!
MagneticOne managed our project with the highest level of professionalism. Throughout the project they communicated on all levels with us as appropriate, while working independently to enhance the design, layout and business logic of our site. The end result was a project that met our project management and business needs. We consider MagneticOne a part of our company team and will work them to expand and update our web site in the future. CaperdiTrading
These guys are excellent providers of any project. I will not hesitate to utilize this company for future projects. They were really dedicated to my satisfaction. Very easy to talk to and friendly. Treatment Centers of America, Inc.
Robert Baurys
I am very impressed with MagneticOne. They were very responsive to my needs and were flexible when I changed the direction of the task somewhat. We had very productive online interchanges using Instant Messenger and were able to exchange ideas very easily. I will certainly want to work with them again. Associates Inc.
Wu D.T
It's been a pleasure working with you and I hope we can do it again soon - Suzie Bouling, Seniour Manager, WRCB TV3. MagneticOne is fast. A little too fast for me. I live in the U.S. so they work while I sleep. I woke up the next morning and they were finished. ZDesign
Zack Millican
These design files are great. I am happy that the designs are professional and that I can show my client without making changes. This saves me time - thank you! Campbell Shaw Limited
Carl Shaw
I bought the software and asked Magnetic One to install it and they did both very well. This is third piece of software I have bought from them and have found their support to be excellent. Well done Magnetic Once and keep up the good work.
Jennie Lewis
Our web designers recommended using Magnetic One's system for updating our e-commerce store as they themselves used it. We've found it alot easier to use this program over X-Cart's own browser based admin system and makes moving categories around, duplicating products etc a doddle.
Andrew Murrary 
The support is very quick and informative. I highly recommend this company. Thank you for your great support & help with ALL my emails
Dear Oleksandr, I would just like to thank you so much for all your efforts that you have put in for me. I am so pleased to deal with someone that takes the time for there customers and you have truly done that for me. If you have a higher ranking person in your team i hope you pass this email on to him or her because you deserve a big pat on the back for doing a great job. I hope life is wonderful in the Ukraine because you truly deserve the best. Thanks again from Chris (PCGamer)Australia. MagneticOne you are number 1!!!! GREAT JOB.xxxxxxx
Produto fantastico, excelente, facilita muito meu trabalho e agrega muito valor me fazendo ganhar tempo. Espero por mais inovaes como essa!
Not only has my life and work been made easier with the wonderful software from M1, but also from the fast, clear assistance I have received when asking questions on how to do technical things. Best Regards
Renzo Russo
I love this package. I'm pretty naive and just started building a web store with a few items in it and then decided to boost it to 500+ and then freaked out when I understood what that decision entailed in terms of just setting up the shopping cart. I started looking around and this is the best thing I've ever imagined. I can upload 250 items in a few minutes, I can customize the input just by setting some fomulas around the fields in excel, embedding html, and format everything the way I want. If you visit my site in a couple of months, everything should be up and loaded. Right now, I'm still in the process of setting up the site and its content and everything will change dramatically. I'm teaching myself which is fun too. Except for store manager, I would have stopped where I was. It's very easy to use and even though support is via e-mail, the support is exceptional. I've gotten very clear answers with screen prints. I can't say enough good stuff about this company! I'll be looking to buy more of their products to help with the search engine submissions actually having some traffic. Good luck! Craig.
Craig Stephens 
Fantastic product, makes things alot easier. Will definitely look into other products available. Thanks MagneticOne
Their support is one of the best i have seen. I highly recommend this company. Thank you for your great support and add-on products.
Fantastic Product, superb service - i am very happy with the decision to buy!
Essenza Nobile GmbH 
I am a bit sceptical about buying software, as claims are normally over-hyped. However I have to say this piece of software has been invaluable, as it has saved me an immense amount of time. And as my uncle use to say time is money, and the more time I save the more money I make. If you have a Zen Cart web site with more than 300 products, then this software is a must. Check out our site and see for yourself
that is great! thank you guys!!
dmitriy murzuk 
Extremely useful add-on modules for our e-commerce system coupled with fantastic customer service makes MagneticOne an outstanding software vendor.
Giovanni Ficca 
Product worked well and support was top notch - fast and very helpful. I would definitely use MagneticOne again.
Jason Humphries 
MagenticOne has been a fundamental part of our web strategy for several years. As our site has grown and changed, MagenticOne have been there making it easier, reducing errors and speeding up getting products online and visible. We use a suite of additions and have always found them to be well coded, simple to configure and meeting our needs. Thanks guys!
Patrick Kirby 
Great product and even better support! I highly recommend their services.
Superb applications, great site and support.A must have for OsCommerce!
Riccardo Calabresi 
Products didn't meet my expectations in sales but the Magnetic One worked like a charm. I plan to to get a couple more Data Feed add on and use them for future OS Commerce sites
Melvin Goodrum 
The tech support at Magnetic one is outstanding. I have most of the M1 modules installed on my site and I am very pleased with their performance and when a problem comes up I can count on their tech support to take care of my issue on a timely and professional manner. Thanks again folks for the great service.
I had no idea what to expect from the Store Manager for osCommerce software when I ordered it. What a difference! Setup is easy. It is so much faster to manipulate data in my store using Store Manager, than trudging thru the administration side of the site (click and wait).
I have been using Store manager for five months and i am really happy with the product that saves me a lot of time managing my webshop. Have used their support once and got very fast and accurate response. My confidence in Magneticone is high and i will probably buy and use other products from this company in the future.
Brian Hansen 
It's been about a month since I started using the Power SEO URLs product and low and behold, I'm already seeing positive results in my SERPs! Many thanks!!!!
Not Sure if you have received testimonials from IT geeks turned business owner... But I was a senior manager on wall st responsible for development teams. We built many different web based applications so I know what I'm talking about when I say that this is one damn good product.... Most products have more crap you will never use or just don't work at all. They have a great balance and for once eveything works...
Steven Curtis 
MagneticOne make such a good job that is not enough words. Not possible find a better company, because THEY HAVE BEST!
Madli Palm 
Your software has been a great step forward in my search for a way to easily and quickly update text and images on our website.
Hello! Thanks for a well conceived series of modules for our cart. Everything works well and documentation is adequate. Service is quite responsive although there is always a delay..what time is it in the Ukraine, anyway? Getting the help I need with setting up scheduled cron tasks to make best use of the mods in the background. All in all a positive experience.
I have to say that these guys have been a tremendous help to me. This year I've purchased Store Manager for CRE and Power SEO URLs and both products have worked like a charm so far. It was a little tough getting started with each product so they walked me through it. Sometimes they take a little while to respond to your support tickets (3-4 days), however, when they do finally get back with me, it's been well worth the wait. I've learned that, sometimes when people have something good to offer, they can become very busy so I've given them the benefit of the doubt here. I will definitely consider additional products from them in the future!
Sought out a program that would work well with X-Cart since doing upselling links, related products, manufacturers, etc can be a big pain with that program. Store Manager cuts our time in half, easily. User-friendly interface, and you can begin using it immediately with minimal knowledge. Works great with restoring as well, as restoring the site via X-Cart was proving to be a headache. The support has been great, would recommend this to anyone. Thanks!
Dirk Van Den Heuvel 
We have bought numerous Magnetic One modules for our CRE Loaded website. We have been so happy with the products and also the Customer Service we received. If there was ever a problem Magnetic One promptly assisted us with getting it resolved. Thank you from a Magnetic One customer. I will come back frequently for updates and new products.
Just Incredible. All the time I have spendt !!! And could have saved if I'd purcased this before... Even with my modded shop with extra fields, it lets me edit and add tags to the products from the extra fields already included!! Amazing
on a scale of 1-10 for customer service and general support, I would rate magneticone a full 12 :)..they are efficient and fantastic, now I aspire to offer the same service to my customers.
I recently installed the SEO URL module for CRE Loaded web stores. The installation was very simple and the results were instantaneous. It took Google about a week to adjust to the new URL names. The biggest positive result was that I moved from the 5th position to the second position in the search results within 3 weeks of installing this software. My sales have doubled, so the price of this software is more than worth it.
Thankful Customer http://- 
Great program! You do need to learn a little about programming to install it, but after that, it makes using Zencart a breeze! I'm legitimately pleased recommend the product to others.
Anonimus http://- 
We purchased the Google Checkout module from MagenticOne and I have to say their support was great! Their team went above and beyond to ensure our module was working. A great experience!
Excellent Software, Great Customer Support.... These Guys Deliver!
This piece of Software makes the administration of oscommerce much easier than the built in backend. Its really worth the buy.
Resonse and support were very responsive and helpful, very quick implementation and works well.
I use more than one product from MagneticOne. First I used the products only for myself, now I install them also for others. It's excellent software and if needed one gets superb help and service. I recommend the products from MagneticOne to anyone who is using Oscommerce.
A third party sold and installed this module for me. They were tricky enough to register the license in their name instead of mine. Thanks to MagneticOne support, they identified the issue and have prevented this from happening again. Buy your products directly from MagneticOne and not from any other party.
Frank Haberman 
I've been using you guys to resell your modules for many years now. Aside from the fac t that it has made many of my clients happy and money, During that time I must say that you guys have always been proficient in your work. The fact that I don't need to explain my self to you guys when it comes to installing shopping cart modules and upgrades is a greate benefit to prolonged customer relationship. Thanks so much for the years of great service and innovative products.z Geo Hernandez
Geo Hernandez 
Wonderful software! I would not have been able to update my products or contact list without it. I highly recommend it!
Excellent Software, Stellar Support... MagneticOne Really Delivers.
I am fully satisfied with Store Manager. I was able to do things easily, at a fraction of time. For my company this is very important. I would certainly recomend this product to anyone using osCommerce.
Stelios Sofos 
I was a little skeptical at first to purchase this software. I was doing fine entering the information directly into Zen Carts interface HOWEVER, once I got the hang of MagneticOne's Zen Cart Store Manager; I must say I am very impressed. It does make adding information a snap and very user friendly. I also looked at the other modules they have and will absolutely being making more purchases from them. MagneticOne is the real deal! -Justin
This software rocks!! Since we publish to multiple feeds, it makes my job as the webmaster easier. Thanks MagneticOne!!!
Jakub Jakubik 
I ordered two products from MagneticOne on two occasions, I was impressed by both the speed of their replies on my questions and on the speed with which they installed both mods for me. Excellent customer service - would like to see this service everywhere.
Pieter Koen Boekelo 
Installation was very easy, updating products is very quick and lot more fun to do than doing them one by one in Zen Admin area. Updating customers order status, adding customers adding orders can all be done from the desktop application. Very impressed, been looking for something like this for ages. What impressed me the most was I was able to do product attributes very quickly within this application.
Stuart Perkins 
What a great product, easy to setup and get going within 20 minutes or so. Social Bookmarking sites look out!!!! Very good and easy to use admin area for this module
Stuart Perkins 
It is now apparent that MagneticOne has the goods. I have not seen these packages anywhere else. ... and not to mention, Superstar Support! I recommend their products to anyone and everyone! Mike Austin Owner X-Site Media Los Angeles
Mike Austin 
I have purchased a few products from these guys. M1 Power Seo URL, Mass Product Changer, Store Manager, Google Base export and M1 Event Designer and let me just say alot of companies make promises and try and sell you on their products when at the end of the day all they are trying to do is make a dollar and your really not getting what you paid for. For me someone who is not a coding wiz these products have helped me greatly in the areas I needed help in with my store. All their products do what they promised they install the products when they say they will and sometimes before the expected install date. Guys keep up the good work and I hope the service for my store will be as great as yours one day.
The data feed software is easy to use and has greatly increased traffic flow to my site.
James Stephenson 
Just wanted to say that yet again, the response to a query was sorted out so quickly and effectively that the slight problem hardly caused a "blip" in my working day! :-) Thanks Edina
That is absolutely perfect, I was not expecting such a fast and accurate response.. Many thanks again for all your help, I would recommend magneticone to anyone I know, first class work.
Khye Hickey 
The Store Manager is the most effortless way to manage your OSC site. What a pleasure! As for the support staff at Magnetic One - they have been outstanding in ensuring that my software is doing everything and more for me! Thank you for your professional service and product!
Thank you for all of the assistance you have offered me. It is amazing how powerful this RSS Export Feed is with all the options that can be used.
Mark Weigl
Easiest way to set up the ground work for the Data feed integration
Michael van Diermen 
MagneticOne has installed their All-in-One Data Feed software for me on two separate ocassions. The software is easy to use and is a must-have for generating sales through PPC venues or Google Base. MagneticOne is very responsive to my emails and the installation of the software was done within 24 hours. Thank you MagneticOne!
Dorothy M Jennings 
I tried to install the trial of the Vtiger CRM extension for osCommerce but was getting errors that I couldnt resolve, Natalia from MagneticOne helped install and resolve the problem in record time and kept me up to date constantly. I will now be buying the plugin knowing that its supported by 5 star service. Brilliant guys will definitely recommend your services to anyone.
Clayton de Boer 
Very important product and very easy to use
Great job you guys, very happy with results, the work was fast and accurate, thanks onces more
MagneticOne provided me with superior service. Not only did the support team solve my problems, they did it quickly. I have nothing but the highest praise for the MagneticOne Team.
Very fast and kind support. My work is now incredibly easy with Store Manager for Zen Cart!
Great product and we use it on a daily basis. One add-on or developement we would like to see is to have quantities next to the attributes. Our store people want to order more than one item of the same attribute. Overall excellent software and very easy to use.
Many thanks for your very excellent support!
Excellent support! I use Cre Loaded and they adjusted the oscommerce module just for me! Unbelievable!
Angelina Hoogeveen
Purchasing Magnetic One Zen Cart SEO modules has made a real difference to our site. Customer Service has been outstanding very professional and with excellent follow-through! Thank you very much!!
Thank you M1 team for developing such great addons for ZenCart. My client's website is highly customized and hence after buying the extended service support from M1 we are very pleased with the results. Natalia is whom I was in contact during the complete support and she was very helpful. Till date whenever I email them I never have to email them the second time for the same query. M1 you are the best creators of ZenCart addons and its all worth the money. Thank you !!!!
Excellent software, in building my new site I was amazed at how much time I saved by being able to quickly create new products with similar attributes. It's worth every dollar.
This store manager has saved us SO much time and money; we are saving half or more of our time by using the store manager, we love the import/export features too as well as the mass product changer and price breaks. What a great product!
Jennifer Weightman 
We love the MagneticOne's Store Managers product for easily managing our online shop. We can highly their products to expand your online business'! When needed Magneticone also has a great and friendly support.
Maurice for MDPC Computerservice 
Store Manager for osCommerce is a desktop application that gives you comprehensive control over your online products, including product attributes, categories, manufacturers, orders and much, much more! 
We use Magnetic one for our mods and ecommerce manager (x-cart). Their product is fabulous and saves us so much time, and their support is very responsive
Great product, great service, excellent price, perfect timing. We are more than pleased with MagneticOne, definite we'll use their services again, totally recommend them!
Good solid interface for mysql database, you don't need to understand mysql, powerful able to upload entire catalogs via excel sheet. This software allowed me to grow our online store to no limit, I can add thousands of products within minutes, It's easy to understand and the friendly tech support and commited staff are second to none. I would recommend Store Manager to anyone, it's definitely worth the money! The amount you make in return will pay for itself many times over.
I've purchased most of the CRE loaded modules from MagneticOne. They installed them quickly, professionally and the modules work GREAT! They even solved a problem I was having that wasn't there issue. THANKS for great service and well made software!
Stephen Gardner 
Very effective solution provided. Very satisfied of the service!!
Works as advertised. I bought the installation with the product and it was up an running within 1 day. Very pleased with the product. Thanks again. Russell
Friendly and helpful staff.
Joseph Durkin 
great piece of software! we build oscommerce sites and i use this everyday to administrate, especially the product import feature thanks for making and supporting such useful software!
Wonderfull, amazing. Very easy to use, no guide necessary. More quick then usual Zencart interface. HTML text editor included !! Thanks again !!
Dear Ruslan, Thank you for your great software to date. We currently use a selection of a few programs to run daily, but would love to use Store Manager more frequently, however we feel it needs an ordering system built in to make it shine. __Being able to order and track goods easily would be a great advantage to your software.__ Thanks for what we have so far!
Very good pre-purchase support. Technical information very useful. Product does exactly what we want. Great service and product. Thank you Mobilepartz
steven wilkinson 
I have to Thank Magneticone for the great service they provided in helping me get Power SEO up and running. For several days they worked on the problem and I was just using a trial version. This product works great and is the best SEO module I have found. The option of setting ones own keywords in the URL is invaluable. Thanks again guys
Bruce Manninen 
Good software, never broke, sound architecture design and practice. Recommended!!!
company user group 
The X-Cart site map does exactly what is prescribed. My store is now rated higher up in the search engines and I'm generating some good traffic. The product installation requires some technical experience, but I was able to use my intermediate experience and install myself, however if you do have a store with a lot of products, I would have the professionals at MagneticOne do it for you. The return on that investment should be guaranteed.
I would just like to say thank you very much to the support team there at Magnetic One, & In particular Oksana Semenyuk. In my many years of Computer & Internet activities both professionally & personally, I have lost count of the number of times i have had to contact companies re support for one reason or another. However i can tell you, that in all that time i have never had any of those companies do anything other than EXACTLY what they were obligated to do! In this case however the exact opposite has happened! Oksana & Magnetic One have surpassed all my expectations & indeed there obligations! In this day & age that is such a refreshing change! A company actually offering to help, even if by offering that help it means they do much more than they are supposed too! I am Amazed & very happy indeed! Thank you all so very much! Best of luck for the future for you all individually & for the continued growth of & success of Magnetic One! Kindest Regards
Magnetic One is a great source for finding the missing pieces of that great store package you are looking for. I have purchased several items and love every one of them.
I am very pleased with the XML sitemap module. I had a couple if issues with SEO urls which were resolved by support very quickly. Great product and essential for your online business
Store Manager for Zen Cart was purchased due to our need to add a large number of attributes to products all at once. Your product allowed us to go in and set up large numbers of attributes, then copy and paste them to multiple products all at once. This is something you cannot do in Zen Cart - it is a limit of Zen Carts functionality. In a couple of hours, your product allowed me to accomplish what would have taken a full day or longer. Frankly, it would have been so time consuming it would not have ever gotten done without your product. I also really like the fact that your product resides outside the server, and is not a module that is installed on the Zen Cart server. This is a benefit because I already have so many modules installed on the server, that they are starting to conflict with each other. So it has become a guessing game as to whether or not I can keep adding modules to the server. Since your software is 100% outside the server, there are no conflict issues to deal with. I also like the fact that I can go in and add a picture to multiple products all at once, a major time saver (with the addition of Mass Product changer). I have not owned your software for very long, but I am sure I will find additional benefits as I use it more and more. Thanks for such excellent customer service! I always had a prompt and full reply waiting for me when I checked my email in the morning, explaining how to do things. You have excellent follow-up and customer service.
Industrial Supply Inc. 
Bonjour, J'utilise depuis quelques jours votre "store manager" et je trouve que c'est un produit remarquable qui simplifie la gestion des boutiques oscommerce et osCMax! Je l'ai recommand plusiers de mes amis grants de boutique web et ceux ci sont trs intresss. Merci vous.
Hi I use Store Manager for osCommerce and also bought the Store Manager for Zen Cart and must say that it's a piece of awesome software which saves me hours of uploading csv files to my store. I also have the aditional licence so I can use my aircard and laptop whilst on the move so that my stores are kept up to date stock wise. Well done MagneticOne
Perfect and fast service, I will definitely come back when I need any thing.
We use MagneticOne software to update the perfectino online shops trough Europe, and we could not do it without because it save us hours of maintenance. Beside this, I must say that their customer service is one of the most efficient I have met on the web those last years. Thanks and keep the good job on tracks!
Excellent thank you for your professionalism. I do this loan business since 10 years and it is rare to have a technical service of this quality. We will be able to finalize the installation, thank you. I am very satisfied and we will continue to use your services for all our customers. Thank you again! good job! Best regards
We had to move thousands of products and we couldn't have done it without the Zen Cart Store Manager. The program literally saved us hundreds of hours.
We found dealing with MagneticOne to be quick, reliable and friendly. What more could you ask for? We will not hesitate to use these services in the future.
You're product provided a solution which I could not find anywhere else in any other product. The approach taken to SEO with your product is the correct one. It was a straight forward solution without workarounds.
Magnetic one filled a need with the X-cart Manager that I had been lacking for a long time. This software is almost requisite if your X-cart hosts more than a few hundred items!
MagnecticOne Store manager is a great product that has increased our productivity. Being able to visually manage all of X-Carts information in one central location is amazing. The support team is very quick to respond and implement new functionality. I would recommend anyone using X-Cart to try MagneticOne Storemanager.
The MagneticOne modules have increased my traffic by 300% daily.
MagneticOne's SEO URL's for Zen Cart is easy to use and immediately started improving our search results on google and other web search sites.
I am really pleased with Store Manager for X-Cart. It helps me do a lot of functions locally rather than having to wait for page refreshes all the time. I am also looking forward to adding the Mass Product Changer plus new updates for egoods support.
Magneticone and the add ons they create continue to make life easier for me. Keep up the great work!
very professional and worked fast.
Indispensable software for OS Commerce stores. makes it much easier and faster to do a lot of changes otherwise hidden from user in just a few seconds.
Anonymous http://- 
I like the speed of desktop software to manage all my databases, also all the extra functionality ! Great Software keep on the good work !
Evlyn http://- 
Got the oscommerce performance finally running after I received much needed help from the MeagneticOne team. Brilliant product.
I have several programs from MagneticOne and they have added so much value to my site. The support is excellent and they have always been able to resolve any issues I have had winy either install or the programs themselves. Would I buy more from them? You bet Chris
MagneticOne added so much to our site. I don't know where we would be without them!
A great product with even better support! well recommended
EXCELLET SERVICE!!! They made custom changes to the program within days - Store Manger now work great with our site
Mark Adam
Great product developing even greater with very close relationship with customers. These guys understand the power of the customer relationship and therefore will always deliver the best experience in software and customer service on the market. Thank you guys I look forward to working with you more and more. Ambient Guy
Magnetic One is a GREAT company. I have purchased almost all of their products for CRE Loaded for my site at as well as some of my other sites. The products are perfect and they do what they say they will do but more importantly is the customer service and great service that they always give me. They are fair and honest in addition to being experts in giving us the modules and services that make our site work better and more profitably. I highly recomend them. Every time that I have purchased from them they have exceeded my expectations. I trust Magnetic One because they have earned it. Installation is fast and when we update our sites and accidently break their code they are always gracious and fair in quickly getting us back to where they had us before we made the updates. I wish all my employees were as fabulous as Magnetic One is. They have made us more profitable and the additions are always fast and perfect. I recommend them highly. Keep up the excellent work! Best always, Rob Higgins
Robert Higgins 
Social Bookmarking was an excellent addition to our Car Covers site, thankyou once again...we lead, others follow.
Store Manager is an excellent product, if you need multiple versions of the same product with different prices and weights. And need to setup a lot of product, this is for you.
Keith Gissendaner/ Owner 
Social bookmarks installed quickly and easily. A nice looking addition, Thankyou!
The Google Base Export Feed for X Cart enabled us to quickly create an xml file containing all our Car Covers and they appeared in google searches the very next day. Thankyou.
Great products, great service, will defnitley use again, thanks.
Canvas Art Pirnts 
I am currently using the ZenCart Performance Module on my site, and significant improvements in site speed have been noticed. This helps keep my customers happy, and the orders coming in. This is probably the best investment I have made in my site, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone using ZenCart.
Great Service and Great product, would recommend it to anyone who is serious about his website.
I paid for installation and the MagneticOne team did a great job. They were fast and I've not noticed any errors.
Olivus Inc 
Gentlemen / Ladies of Magnetic One, I wish to reiterate to you my great deal of satisfaction with your product as well as your installation service. I really appreciate how much easier it has made things for me when it comes to adding and editing products via store manager as well as producing my Froogle / Google feeds, etc. In fact, if you would like to list it amongst your list of unsolicited testimonials I will gladly have you list it amongst them. As a Windows based user, your products have greatly simplified my tasks, increased my efficiency in time usage and empowered me to feel much less like the frustrated novice have been in the past when it comes to the management of this store. Furthermore, your customer service via Support Suite and Public Bug Tracker has been great as well. I especially appreciate your practically instantaneous implementation of my suggestions in things I felt were needed and helpful to facilitating the completion of my tasks via your applications. Thank you and best regards,
Redda M. al Sadat 
RSS Export has allowed us to have all our products available to anyone that visits our site to be viewable in their RSS Reader. This has allowed us another avenue to gain potential customers. Thank you MagneticOne for another wonderful product!
Zen Cart Translate module is an amazing tool. It has given us ease of mind that our many non-english customers will have the tools available to them to get our site translated into their language, thus increasing potential sales.
Zen Cart Tag Cloud is a wonderful product. I have been able to add the Tag Cloud to our main site and it has enabled our visitors to be able to select certain areas of our site that are most popular. Thank you MagneticOne for a wonderful product!
Social Bookmarks Supercharged is awesome! It has allowed my customers and site visitors the ability to bookmark our products to a variety of social websites. It has increased our site hits too.
This software is amazing. So much easier than using the web interface. It is great for managing all aspects of your website allowing you to focus on the design aspects rather than repetively adding millions of items!
Rebecca Smiley 
Store Manager for X-Cart has been a lifesaver. With thousands of products and hundreds of categories, changing items and importing used to be a chore. Now changes and updates are fast and easy. Copy/Paste options saves tons of time. Couldn't be happier.
Marcus di Sabella 
Brilliant thank you very much with this great service i will definitely purchase more from you guys. GREAT WORK THANKS YYEEEE HAAAA
Tone Greenough 
MagneticOne installed their entire arsenal of osCommerce modules and plugins in under 48 hours. Since upgrading our website orders have more than doubled! Thanks MagneticOne.
Justin Smith 
Wow - these guys know what they are doing - communicate clearly & bend over backwards to help you out - best $250 I have ever spent. Zend encoding is a pain but I understand need to protect their scripts - they modified script for my exact requirements with no fuss. Will DEFINATELY be coming back for more. Awesome :)
We found dealing with MagneticOne to be quick, reliable and friendly. What more could you ask for? We will not hesitate to use these services in the future.
Really Happy with the installation of The SEO Friendly URL Script and The social bookmarking script on my website.
Tom From Ireland http://- 
Thank you very much for your help. MagneticOne Team Rocks! I would be glad to refer any business your way.
Thomas J. Watermeier 
I have applied this to my OSCommerce site. I am not sure if and how is it helping me. I am not sure how to gauge teh benefits at this stage. At the time of installation, i was helped quickly by the support team of MageneticsOne. I appreciate that.
If you have online store then MagneticOne is a must.
Customer http://- 
Magnetic One has allowed me to offer my products to a wider group of people which in turn gives me teh chance to make more sales. Thanks Magnetic One!
Using the Store Manager and the Mass Product changer makes is very easy for me to edit my catalog. Takes only 30 minutes for 1000+ products, instead of hours or even days. Excellent software!
MagneticOne customer http://- 
We had issues getting the tool to work in IE7, but the support team worked with us to resolve the issue and correct the bug.
Using Zen Cart Performance Module. There are some not significant issues but product is really great for good value of money. Thanks for MagneticOne.
What a fantastic product Store Manager is! A truly essential piece of kit for any business using osCommerce to sell their products. I am dissapointed with Event Designer however, which could be a real winner if more attention was given to it to give it more flexibility, not very intuative to use either, although it looks simple. I hope other modules I am going to buy later are better, it's a shame because the Store Manager is a very nice program with just a few minor things. My support request was very quick and I recommend MagneticOne software and just hope they will contact me one day to say Event Manager has had an overhaul. Good Work so far.
Great product and an even greater service. every question i asked was answered swiftly, and if there was a problem it was dealt with there and then. great work guy and thank you very very much. Euan
They are professional. I purchased the advanced xml export and their support fixed it for my needs !! Without paying anything extra! Thanks to MagneticOne
Fantastic Service, They Care for Your Business, I feel Very Lucky that I have found MagneticOne. They are Absolute Professionals at what they do including Customer Support. Also, Very and Very Affordable. The Best Choice you can ever make. Thank You
Inna Yakovleva 
Thank you for a great product. Every now and again you come across a product that just WORKS - it does everything you want it to, it's stable, user-friendly and the programmers have thought of every little thing to make your job easier. And one such product is Store Manager for CRE Loaded - well done guys!!
Paul Hogwood
WOW, that was absolutely perfect support... Can I just thank you again for a very quick and professional service, Even at 1am last night MagneticOne had a reply to me within 5 minutes of me sending an email... amazing.
Khye Hickey 
Whenever we need assistance with our Magnetic One product, the team responds quickly! Makes maintaining our company's commerce site a breeze! Keep up the good work!
Store Manager brings CRE ADMIN to your desktop in an easy to use format. Managing hundreds of products is now simple. If you find CRE ADMIN to be cumbersome, buy Store Manager!
I have used many of the magneticone teams products and i have to say they are second to none. The software is fantastic making the management of my products simple. Without store manager i would still be putting products on my site painfully slow! The support for the products is also amazing, every problem i have ever had was solved within hours.
just one word: FANTASTIC great mod, great solution, better price yet!
ian colyer
We have been using Magnetic One Storemanager for a long time and we are very happy. When it comes to the (encrypted) php modules I wil not buy any more... sorry. The support is good, but It is hard not to be able customize the sw my self. Allso it is not working good when I have a dev site on to machines and a livesite on another. The licencing is not good! I have had some problems and you fixed it, but it takes time for me to followup. I allso dont like that you have to go inn to my live shop to debug. This is a lot, but remember the Store Manager is the best software EVER :)
Tommy Eriksen 
Not only is the product fantastic but so is the support - they understand and deliver what you need everytime. Top Marks!
I have tested every possible solution on the market, but this is absolutely brilliant piece of art. It is so flexible, using MO Banner System you can actually add any special information or advertisement basically anywhere in your shop, either connect it to some category (SUPER SALE) or product or enhance your welcoming screen. It is easily manageable highly customizable and what's most important: it works great with x-cart!
Kaur Martin 
Excellent customer service and support. Thanks to Oleg !
Mass Product Changer was a life saver. This module is just one of many that I have purchased from Magnetic One. I changed all the prices on my site (over 2000) in very little time. Had I not had Mass Product Changer that project would not have happened. My staff and I would not have had time. Magnetic One's customer service was way beyond my expectations. Serge himself got on and helped with a small problem that I was having. The problem was me, not the module. I would recommend Magnetic One and their excellent, time saving modules and customer service that will exceed your expectations. I am sure that I will be buying more in the future. If you are deciding about purchasing one of their modules you won't be disappointed. Thank you, Wayne
I was out of office this afternone. As I came home I saw your mail with the message "Problem Solved". You gave my weekend a good start. Thank you very much for the research and the work you did. Great Customer Service!
Jan Walhof
I just wanted to send a quick email to say how impressed I am with Store Manager for CRE Loaded. It's truely an incredible bit of software. I never knew managing CRE Loaded could be this quick and easy! Many many thanks
Richard Poole 
Installation went pretty smoothly. I have pretty good knowledge of Dreamweaver, so I used that--basically copy and paste. Once installed, I had some minor issues with how Google Checkout was communicating with my cart and server. These guys approached the problems like they were a major crisis! They are hard workers and they will get you a solution to your problem, if you have one. Turns out, both issues were on my end anyway... Thank you Natalia and Oleg!
A few weeks back I purchased your Google Checkout module that you said you would take 3 business days to install. I purchased it on a Sunday and expected it to be installed by Wednesday - maybe Thursday. Imagine my surprise when I found out on MONDAY that you had already installed it! WOW! The module is working beautifully and as you said it would. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and the painless install. You are very awesome and if I could figure out to tell Google how awesome you are, I would tell them too! Thanks again.
Debbie Mahler 
I have been using store manager and mass product changer for over a month now to setup my shop and it has proven invaluable for me. Their programs as well as their relentless and forthcoming support has converted magneticone to one of my favorite sites to check when I need software for Xcart.
Berthold Hamburger 
I originally had a problem integrating magnetic one data feeds with my personalized os commerce store. When i emailed Magnetic one for help they took all the necessary steps to fix my problem and in about 1 week it was totally fixed. Great customer Service, keep up the good work!
Impressionable! It facilitates a lot of work! Program works quickly and safely! Thank you very much!
Svyatoslav Zhurovskyy 
Had an issue that was not even related to the product, was an error on behalf of a template coder, never the less Natalia went above and beyond to assist, this error which was unrelated to Magnetic one product effected the working of the product..end result..FIXED!.. best customer service I have experienced in long memory.
Natalia was able to answer all my questions and provided simple to implement solutions to all my problems. She even helped me fix an issue that was completely unrelated to the product I purchased from Magnetic One. Impressive indeed. I know where I'll be coming for all my future shopping cart needs! Thanks!
Chris Hood 
Fantastic product, very easy to use, works like magic!
We continue to LOVE the Store Manager. We've been with you since near the beginning and it just gets better and better with each update.
Jeremy Rush
Great products helps us work better and faster. The fastest and helpful support. Thank you! Our best recommendations!
Max Chelubeev 
Excellent customer service and support. We had a problem, and a very helpful tech spent hours helping us understand what to do. Thank you!
For anyone thinking of using software from Magnetic One, I cannot recommend these guys enough, the software meets my needs perfectly, works really well and is easy to install, on the limited occasions when things have gone wrong (usually my fault!), they have been swift and prompt in helping fix the problem, they never asked for extra money to fix, they just got on with it, and usually have it solved within the hour, Great work from Magnetic one.
For running multiple stores osCommerce Manager is a must - using the old admin any more just isn't an option any more when a tool such as this exists which makes tasks quicker / my time more productive.
I wholeheartedly recommend Ruslan and his team at MagneticOne. Please see my video testimonial!
Store manager is the best program i have ever used. Its fantastic and the best purchase i have ever made. I would like to understand it even more to help me better.
Make a deal looks very well written .... nice neat appearance ..a lot o thought put into it ... easy to use ..... good stuff !
As retail sales drop in the USA, Make-a-deal could not arrive at a better time. Its clean, well written and well thought out, and mostly ... well supported ... Great software !!
The software is good and easy to use, they are keeping improve the software, but some bugs still here
Xcart store manager is an amazing product and has helped us build and manage some very serious ecommerce stores turning over in excess of 300k per year. We have one store now turning over more than 1M and could not have done this as fast or as efficiently without the Magnetic One Store Manager Managing Director - iShopper Online Ltd
Marc Gold
THANK YOU!!! Many people have asked me who is doing work on my site? And some new contacts have asked me How do you hear of us? I always tell them to go to for best products and services because you are always best.... Cheers,
Robert Butch Greenawalt 
I spent hundreds on this site, and the modules works great, and i like them. The SEO modules is perfect, I will spend more fund on this site for some new modules and also when i set up my new store, I will buy more modules. And even I have some problem in install modules, but when I send email to ask for help, It got solve fast. So don't miss this great site.
I had purchased 4 products from MagneticOne and only 1 of them had installation problems. After sending an email to them they was very fast in Answering the emails and helping me solve my issue. It took only 2 emails to get my problem solved. Thank you for the Fast Service and get help. Keep up the good work.
WOW! Talk about service - this was a great experience. Thanks so much!
Firstly, a massive thankyou and well done with the latest version of Xcart Store manager (1.8.30 build 550). The new features you added regarding the import fields work very well and this is perfect for my (and I am sure many other people's) needs.
Paul Betteridge
I love the product, its great!!! I'm sure we can work through the small bumps. Keep up the great work! Thanks
Thank you and keep rolling out the great products!
Thank you very much! You guys have wonderful tech support. J
You are awesome. You provide great support and always in a very timely and detailed manner.
Dear Magnetic One Team Thank very much for your products that we installed recently. I have to say that as a PHP novice they were extremely easy to install, and took less than 15 minutes each. The attention to detail in the install guides is second to none. I have purchased other modules elsewhere and struggled with the installations. Not the case with your guides and modules at all! The only issue we did have was resolved promptly via your live chat service. I will be recommending you to associates in the future and when our next venture is launched online will be returning for the very same products and probably more without hesitation! Regards Nick Maguire Craft & Hobby Materials
Nick Maguire 
Magnetic One, I really recommend I have a zen cart and needed some modifications the service is really fast and products excellent there was no mucking around or waiting and super efficiancy and at a reasonable cost if you need a add on or zen cart product this should be where to come. I am delighted
This program seems like a dream come true for me...
Aaron Mendelson
I just wanted to say thanks for always over-delivering on awesome products. Data feeds export is a very effective tool and was a breeze to install. In just a few minutes I had setup my product export feeds and the fact that it was so affordable made it even sweeter. To your success,
Jeton Sinani
Hi MagneticOne, I have just downloaded Store Manager for osCommerce and I must tell you that I am awed! Is there any osCommerce feature on this Planet that is NOT implemented in your Software? I am not sure whether I get overwhelmed by the shear volume of possibilities I have with Store Manager! And that for such a low price! I want to thank you very much for creating this amazing program! I am looking forward to the next Software you release!
Thomas Hillbrand http://- 
I never expect the program to work that way so I did not pay attention to the flags. I was just expeting the store to be translated to spanish. Your software surprise me greatly. Terrific. Much more than what I expected. Congratulations and thank you
Andres del Rio
Thanks ever so much. You saved the day. I will be buying the search engine friendly URLs program from you soon for my site and have you install it. You are the GREATEST!
Just the most complete software you can find for oscommerce shops management for all levels of technical background.
Minas Katzos 
Fast and reliable service, valuable addons, fast purchase/download, recommended.
Davide Pierani 
This is the only way to conveniently manage a CRE store.
MagneticOne Store Manager is one of the best software investments I have made. I used to dread and often put off osCommerce revisions. But now I am able to keep my website product offerings, price adjustments and sale items up to date with ease.
Since we use OSCManager from MagneticOne the productivity of the person updating our website has gone up dramatically. Not only is the work faster done but the person is no longer annoyed by the slow webinterface. He now goes on for hours at a time.
Frederik Verhoeven 
I want to thank you and your company for some of the very best customer support and just friendly help that I have ever gotten. you are really great, and I wanted to make sure that you new that some of us do appreciate it very much. Thanks
Russ Johnson 
Great Time saver versus other methods we have used, easy to understand and use interface, very glad we purchased this item.
The data feed capabilities added to our osCommerce powered site have enhanced our business tremendously - highly recommended.
MagneticOne is very easy to use fast to edit. Tech support responded within an hour and is very detailed on how to help me with the powerful features. Yes this is a great program, it make you live easier
One of the best places all over the net, great products, excellent service.
Considering the cost of this software and the easy implementation and operational usefulness, I would highly recommend it to any oscommerce user.
Feeds operate as advertised and are easy to use. Software Expertly installed by MagneticOne Support.
It's a good software with a very good and friendly support! With this product the on-line shop management is easier and perspicuous. Probe it and you will love it!
I have purchased product feeds and site maps, the only problems that I encountered were my own doing, I found that the MagneticOne team very supportive, even when at times it must of seemed to them that I did not have a clue. I would recommend them to anyone.
MagneticOne provide a swift response to all queries and are especially patient with customers like myself that have no technical ability. They installed my products within an hour of purchase and helped with subsequent issues that I did not fully understand. I would not hesitate to recommend their services especially for the web site novice.
The only one of its kind, very effective and handy software for the stores. The only flaw is that there is no Russian language supported. But that is promised to be fixed.
I am very enjoy to use the Event Designer. It is a wonderful extension to animate my future online business with many possibilities. My online business will open very soon...
Jean-Claude Cosse 
We have purchased several products from MagneticOne and we've been happy with the product. Support is great when we've needed it. They actually helped us fixed code problems in another vendor's software to make it work with Social Bookmarks. MagneticOne Rocks!
OSCommerce Manager is by far the best program for managing your OSCommerce store. It's intuitive interface is easy to use and it integrates with most contributions.
Both the MagneticOne products and MagneticOne support are magnificent! I am a very experienced oscommerce user (6+ years of experience) but the products of MagneticOne made it possible to take my projects to the next level! Thanks a lot guys!
MagneticOne has provided excellent customer service. I am very pleased
I really like the MagneticOne Store Manager. my osCommerce shop relies heavily on product attributes. Store Manager saves me enormous amounts of time. Without Store Manager, I could not keep my shop online.
Peter Lejon 
MagneticOne has helped increase my online business tremendously. Their modules have not only increased my traffic, and SEO placement, their customer service is second to none.
Using Store Manager for osCommerce makes my life easier! Updating prices and descriptions is a breeze. Thanks MagneticOne!
Great products. I've purchased the 5-in-1 feed for several of my clients and the Google feed for another of my clients and all are very impressed with the ease of use once installed.
I have now migrated all the product database maintenance to Store Manager, which is very helpful
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