WE ARE 11! Happy Birthday to Us!

 MagneticOne Team Presents….WE ARE 11! Happy Birthday to Us!

 11 years is quite a significant milestone.  For us it’s also time to sum up what we’ve done, achieved, discovered. Here’s what we can share with you…. From our birth till now…

Our team has grown from 1 person…

to 60…and here some of them

  We’ve created our own logo


 We’ve written millions of lines of code

 And our Marketing department wrote millions of words to promote those creations


 We made happier over 40 000 customers 🙂


 We’ve answered more than 100 000 questions from our clients


 Though sometimes it was not that easy…..)


We’ve made a super-cool calendar with the cleverest and most charming girls of M1…

…and we really found some top-notch beauties amongst us!

 We’ve become recognized all over the world


 We’ve been at every important business event…

Even our Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister now knows what MagneticOne is


 Forbes wrote about us


 But we didn’t get too proud… We continued learning and developing


 We’ve grown… and moved

  ..and grown even more…

 We drank countless cups of coffee and tea

… and ate hundreds of cakes


We conquered the mountains with ease…


 Weird things happened to us….


 …really weird things


 Some were lucky enough to meet the North Pole bear…


 …some – to swim in the toilet


 …some tried to work out…


 …well, that didn’t really help


 But actually we are a strong and serious company…

 We easily move to the top


 …and the sky is our limit


  We are all so different…


But each and all of us…dream to do their part in this world

  We love to have fun

 We love what we do

 And today we are 11! So let’s celebrate the way we can!

…but not this way)

 We think something like that…


  Happy Birthday, MagneticOne!