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Data2CRM is an innovative set of automated solutions for your better CRM management. In this way, you’ll be empowered with the essential options for your business opportunities leverage. Data2CRM presents the following services for your CRM accomplished management – automated CRM migration, unified CRM API interface, and CRM data enrichment.

CRM Migration

Data2CRM automated migration service is aimed at CRM data conversion to a new customer relationship management software that takes a few simple steps and no codes at all. It is distinguished the following features of automated Data2CRM migration service:

Flawless and precise CRM conversion procedure – the process of CRM switch is reduced to a few clicks in the migration wizard.

Lightning-fast data migration – Data2CRM absolutely automates the process of data migration and that’s why it takes only a few minutes on average, depending on the quantity of your CRM items.

100% uptime of your CRM platform – during the migration, you may easily manage your current CRM platform. We assure you – there is no downtime for your business management, no software installation. Data2CRM is absolutely web-based service that’s why you shouldn’t install any additional software. Only the Internet connection – and you can easily start your CRM migration.

Expert Technical Support – you get the high quality assistance before, during, and after CRM data conversion.

List of Supported CRM – an amount of supported CRM software solutions are increasing on regular basis! Check out the list right away!

Free Demo Migration – to be sure of the flawless and fast data conversion, you are welcome to try absolutely free demo migration of your CRM content.

Full CRM Conversion at No Cost– currently, being on the final stage of development, Data2CRM allows you to migrate all your CRM data at no cost at all. So, don’t wait any longer! Make a step to the rapid development of your  business – migrate your data from your current CRM to the one you are dreaming of. With us, it is a matter of a few mouse clicks for you.

Popular CRM Migrations:

Sugar CRM to Suite CRM

vTiger to Suite CRM

Salesforce to Suite CRM

Zoho CRM to Suite CRM

vTiger to Zoho CRM

vTiger to Suite CRM

Zoho CRM to vTiger

Sugar to Insightly

Highrise to SugarCRM

Salesforce to Highrise

Zoho to Highrise

Supported CRM Platforms:


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