e-Commerce Dashboard – All Vital KPIs in the One Place

e-Commerce Dashboard

e-Commerce Dashboard is a business intelligence tool, encompassing all of the essential key performance indicators, delivered in an interactive and flexible format. It aims to accelerate and improve the decision making process as well as help companies identify market trends and spot problems that need to be addressed before they come up.
Here is how e-Commerce Dashboard can help you improve your business:

Make Right Decisions

Clear and information-rich figures are easy to read and interpret, which allows to fully focus on data analysis and get better insights into the performance of your store. With eCommerce Dashboard you are able to make real data-driven business changing decisions because you see things as they happen.

React Instantly

Straight to the point visuals and relevant metrics help you to follow the trends and notice problems and opportunities at an early stage. Staying up to date with all of your operational data will help you solve issues before they turn up and increase your store’s cost effectiveness greatly.

Receive Real Time Data

eCommerce Dashboard is platform independent. It provides immediate, accurate and relevant information access from laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones and big screens in any spot on Earth at any time 24/7/365.
e-Commerce Dashboard is a simple solution that makes your web store even more effective. Take 2 minutes to set up your own customizable dashboard and feel the lasting benefits of the service!