The Agro sector includes a set of companies engaged in the improvement and maintenance of processes in the agricultural sector and related areas.



Integrated solutions for farmers based on GIS technologies and the concept of precision agriculture


Improving the productivity of agriculture and sectoral farms through the introduction of modern unmanned technologies


Dashboards with visual representation of big data sets, in particular on the condition and characteristics of agricultural lands, agricultural crops condition and growth

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Provides agricultural innovation by the invention, which allow farmers to improve efficiency and save money


Agroportal of Ukraine

Summary of all data fields to farm management screen on your phone, tablet, or computer.


Key features:

  • access to various information resources databases in agriculture: State Land Cadastre, aerial and satellite images, data from sensors used in a field, field observations and laboratory analysis of vegetation, soil maps and terrain models, meteorological data, and many others
  • single space to demand agricultural services, accessible via personal farmer cabinet at any time: satellite and aerospace crops and yield monitoring, fertilizer application, vegetation maps, land bank audit, etc.
  • full farm management automation in real-time: agricultural equipment, staff, meteorological parameters monitoring, and more
  • field’s state inspection: from crops to equipment work and inventory accounting, using a mobile application integrated with GIS

Agroportal of Bulgaria

Developed for Institute of Precision Agriculture of Bulgaria based on digital maps, to collect, process, store, analyze and visualize geospatial data:

  • streamlining and structuring information on land accounting
    soil fertility visual information
  • land bank audit
  • 15-20% of local budget savings
    automated reports

Invested Companies


The First Aerial Application Drone to Protect Crops & Money

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