Solutions for CMS/Websites

On-site SEO

Website Speed Optimization

Solutions for CMS/Websites

Data Migrations

Website Development

Solutions for CRM

CRM Data Migration

Unified API to major CRM Platforms

Solutions for eCommerce

eCommerce Data Automated Migration

Unified API to major eCommerce Platforms


Business Services

Design and Creative Materials

Marketing and Sales Consulting

Custom Software Development

Business Services

Office Management;

Employee Educational Programs Development

Business Services

Tech Support 24/7

Accounting and Financial Management

Business Services

Business Processes Development

External Audit (People, Processes, Tools)

Business Services

Tech Infrastructure Configuration and Management

Business Consulting

Business Efficiency

Employee Time Tracking

Customer Feedback Management

Field Force Management and Task Tracking

Business Services

Recruitment and Applicant Management

External Employees Evaluation

Business Efficiency

Business Card Reader with CRM Integration

Learning Management System

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