Cart2Cart is a shopping cart migration service which allows automated data transfers from one platform to another. It supports migration from/to 80+ most popular shopping carts:
– No technical skills required
– No software installation
– Products, customers, orders with all corresponding relations migrated
– Free Demo Migration

API2Cart is a unified shopping cart data interface that lets vendors connect to and interact with 30+ shopping carts including Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and many others. With unified API, businesses can avoid the hassles of shopping cart integrations and save a significant amount of money on both developing integration modules and further maintaining costs.



Trujay provides expert assistance in migrating and/or integrating your data with HubSpot and many leading SaaS systems, with the primary goal of making sure data is available when and where it is needed. We proud of NPS rating of 82, with many satisfied customers using us for their integration and migration needs.


MagneticOne Mobile is a company that deals with the development of mobile applications for CRM systems. Perfect understanding of contemporary digital world challenges followed by rich experience in the field is the driving force of our company. In the process of apps development our skilled programmers take into account all the considerations of our customers. Therefore, we always keep our applications updated in order to provide our clients with the best!


Yaware focused on workforce analytics tools that allow any company to make data-driven decisions on remote workforce management. Yaware products integrate easily into your business and provide key data on employee productivity, field force productivity.

Municipal Technologies

MagneticOne Municipal Technologies provides modern solutions to improve the performance of municipalities through the introduction of geo information technologies.


ServiceOne cares of the highest level of productivity for each employee of the group companies creating comfortable working conditions, training and motivation in most efficient way. Competent HRs, office-managers, cashiers, accountants ensure you may focus to business goal not on internal maintenance.


TalentOne got MagneticOne Group’s recruitment process to the next level. Applicant management enriched with psychological motivation check, candidate’s references and competency (hard and soft skills) check.


ManageOne is passionate about helping other companies to achieve higher goals, no matter what. Making management as strict and transparent technology with necessary tools, instructions and checklist to focus employees on their end-result in most efficient way.

IT systems engineering and administration since 2013. Successfully completed tasks ranging from websites speed tuning to distributed cloud systems design, maintenance and support. Also fond of IoT and BigData. Skills were gained in the process of establishment of IT nirvana for MagneticOne group of companies and now are ready to serve external customers needs.

The team consists of three experienced engineers: Oleksandr Pryshlyak, Roman Kalinovskyi, Vasyl Fatiuk.

Tech Support

SupportOne is responsible for providing direct support, dispelling misunderstandings and giving comprehensive answers to any questions our customers ask.
Ours approach and ability to identify client needs are an integral part of the growth and success of MagneticOne Group products.


MagneticOne Academy ensures each MagneticOne Group employee get most suitable learning materials to speed up his productivity.
• Seminars
• Master-classes
• Online-courses
• Books library
• Individual and group training


MagneticOne Ventures is a VC fund investing into technological companies at early stages worldwide. Our interest lies in financing and business consulting for promising projects and teams. Our goal is to help innovative and talented teams to establish and grow the global sustainable companies.


MagneticOne.org – a charity fund that converts social responsibility of MagneticOne Group to applied projects that help thousands of people in Ukraine each year. Children education is one of the fund’s main focuses.

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